Friday, December 20, 2013

UPDATED: Vegetable checking & cleaning Guide

We received a sheef of pages to look over, edit, add, remove, etc re: vegetable checking & cleaning.
It's far from all reviewed and corrected but it's a start. Comments appreciated. send an email for a copy.
Subject line "vegetable guide".

NOTE: Thank you for contacting Green Giant with your inquiry.  Broccoli Slaw does not contain the broccoli florets, it is shredded vegetable stems.  There are floret pieces & other non acceptable items.

Update: Even the Commercial orange juice may contain "scale insects". 


Anonymous said...

But there are bits and pieces of florets in the mixture (which not washed, checked).

Anonymous said...

It also contains unwashed ,unchecked red cabbage

Anonymous said...

Was in a take out store under heimishe hashgocho. People ask for taste samples to see if they like the various dishes. Sometimes the goyim are left alone with no Yid there. I see someone asked for a taste of a fish dish. A goy scoops some of the fish on a spoon and while trying to hand it to the customer, some of the fish falls on pareve selections. What happens when the next customers come along to buy food they think is pareve and take it home to eat it together with fleish?

Anonymous said...

Shoot the goy. Get the yeshiva velt to work behind the counter to serve all the customers and be abused.