Friday, May 09, 2014

ANIMAL RIGHTS Organizations -attack humane shechita & allow boiling lobster & crabs live ???????????


Anonymous said...

It one merciless act to boil lobsers ALIVE but they die quickly.
I saw a Hotel rolling a rack full of live Lobsters into a rack oven.
It took those Lobsters quite a while to die. What Achzarim.

PETA is a fraud. The kill dogs.
They eat Lobster. They say that's OK but to shect a Animal that's non Humane.
Chayos Raos that they are. The Biggest Hypocrites.

MiMedinat HaYam said...

This is nothing. Come to any airport in the US at night arrivals. Past the arrival gates, there are carts of this stuff. With (otherwise normal) people buying.

In china and other far east countries, they eat rats and cats this way. I assume in chinatown all over the US, the same ting.

jj said...

Just because yenem is an achzar does not make it ok to shecht inhumane. Think from your god given brain.

Anonymous said...

That g-d given brain knows the G-d given way to raise the soul of a animal is through shechting and eating it with a bracha.