Tuesday, October 14, 2014

UPDATE: Kosher Orange Juice & the Scale-insects in all of them


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Subject line-scale in Juice

Tropicana, Golden Flow, Lakewood Farms, Dvash, etc have these insect proteins in your orange juice, R"L

They all had whole scales more than "miut-hamu'tzui".

The Aida Yerushalm reqires filtering with a 70 mesh filter. Rav Vaye, says a 70 mesh filter is not small enough.


Anonymous said...

All you have shown was that there is maybe a possibility in California.

Let us see your lab test results on 100 samples to prove what you want us the think.

By the way - there are cross breed animals coming into the food supply. Solomon's and Alle shecht animals. therefore - they are shechting cross breed animals of which there is no masorah. I think that I am getting your logic, now

Anonymous said...

Where is juice mentioned in this pdf?