Thursday, November 06, 2014

Very powerful video by Rav Yitzchok Sorotzkin, Shlita

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Anonymous said...

Keeps the Oilom in a trance with his great 'Mayses. One minor issue, Today there are no 'Bais HaKnessess' around. All are either Shtielachs, private minyonim (AKA as country clubs) and Batei Midrash.
Shtiblach are as the name implies - barley anything is assur in those.
private minyonim - stam is like a living room (No TV or Internet Chas V'sholom) - they got other frummeh distractions - a good choolent, some good 'sipeeray Zadikim' books (Artscroll etc.) - maybe a Daf yomi also (to attract the yeshivishe guys).
Batei Midrash have lots of Kedushah but not too much talking goes on there - they 'pushoot' learn there and they are ''packed' with s'forim.
However, talking IS allowed in those places.
Now lets clear up one thing. Talking is NEVER allowed during Chazarfas Hashatz &/or Krias Hatorah - neither is learning or even being 'meayain' in a sefer allowed (unless needed to answer a shaala that can't wait for later). but that's another shmooz....