Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The kosher meat shortage, man made

The kosher Meat Shortage in the USA- Solution:

1-    The average of a non-veal beef Shechita in the USA should be as follows:
Glatt [including Bais-Yosef]- 12-18%
Non-Glatt 25-30%

2-    Additional personnel required for the non-glatt production is 1-2 additional boidkim or inspectors. Of course the non-glatt would require additional time & personnel for the deveining (treiboring) and salting.

3-    Kosher Consumers in the USA are 30-35% glatt, 65-70%  non-glatt.
4-    At the current glatt productions it would be very economical to utilize the additional 25-30% of the non-glatt.

5-    This would alleviate the meat shortage in a very short period of time of 2-3 weeks.
6-    This would also cause a glut in the kosher beef, which would bring down the price of beef to the kosher consumer.
7-    The Orthodox Union aka “OU” till a few years ago also certified non-glatt beef.

8-    It would be advantageous for the Supermarket chains across the USA to besiege the “OU” to step up to the plate and bring the cost of beef to the kosher consumer to a market more in line with other beef.

9-    The consumer in general is facing economic pressures at this time in being able to afford their basic shopping needs.
10  -The “OU” can do this on their own and they owe it to the kosher consumer.
11- It would eliminate or at least minimize the meat kashrus scandals.

                 Yehuda Shain


Anonymous said...

Why don't YOU go into the meat business and lead the way.

YOU owe it to the Kosher consumer just as much as the OU.

(See the last Rashi in Balak)

Anonymous said...

קריינא דאגרתא איהו ליהוי פרוונקא

Anonymous said...

Too bad that your facts are way off.

1) Kosher, according to averages that were made from 7 shechitas, were 90%

2) Glatt figures from the entire shechita, are from a high of 45% (Alle Processing) to 15% (other shechitas).

3) Veal - which MUST be glatt, is about 60%. There are times that it reaches 90% and times that the entire shechita for the day is treif. But, it averages 55-60%

The OU will never certify a non-glatt shechita again because there are people like you that will blast them for allowing 'treif non-glatt meat' to come into the market place.

Do you realize the additional cost in segregating, marketing, and promoting the non-glatt meats?

You have no idea what you are talking about. Go back to shaatnes