Sunday, November 11, 2018

UPDATE; Lakewood Bais Din L'Inyanay Shatnez, certified test center "not-reliable" R"L- must re-check all clothing

There have been numerous incidents where the Lakewood Shatnez test under the hashgocha of the  Lakewood Bais Din L'Inyanay Shatnez, has been found to be definite Shatnez even though it was certified as Non-Shatnez.

The incidents were numerous, too many to be called a mistake. The places where the Shatnez was fond indicate a complete lack of knowledge of the expertise required to properly check for Shatnez. We are not talking of re-processed issues, regular straight out "shatnez" according to any "mumcha".

Therefore previous tested clothing by above,  should be re-tested by a qualified test center. 

The fact of the Bais Din certification on that Test center puts to question of the Knowledge the Members of the Bais Din poses in the Expertise of Shatnez testing.

The Lakewood Test center, is an offspring of the Monsey test Center, which has been proven on numerous occasions not to have the basic knowledge required for testing.

Therefore one should only utilize a shatnez testing lab certified by "The International Association of Shatnez testers". There are currently 3 certified "reliable" test centers in lakewood.

Rabbi …….. seems to have a knack to  love the ones that are machshil people R"L.
Every mumcha in shatnez testing is of the opinion that the above people don't know shatnez testing and are being machshil everyone.


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Anonymous said...

Yudel /kreitman from monsey is in freidwald rehab in skver he broke his hip what's gona be with shatnetz

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Rav Forscheimer told me he approves of Lakewood Kreitman's checking.

And Rav Forscheimer knows shaatnez.

Did you ever speak to him?

This is not Wiesner, this is Rav Forscheimer.

Anonymous said...

There is a Ramah (per Rav Shmuel Wosner, shlita) that says Rav Forscheimer does not know shatnez.

Kreitman does not know shatnez at.
Rav F...r just doesn't like the mumcha Sayagh.

Anonymous said...

For us am haaratzim, which siman in Ramoh are you referring to?

Anonymous said...

Rav Wosner, shlita said dee nayer yungeh poiskim hubben nisht kein shimush by an alteh Ruv, tzuleib dem....dai li'maiven.

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Hey, do you know by heart every Ramah like Rav Wosner? so first learn, chazer, then ask.

Anonymous said...

When Rav F has to be politically correct on orders of BMG, he has a certain indirect way of talking. He does not say directly like when he said "yes" he stands by Lakewood Kreitman.

Why would BMG protect Kreitman anyway?

I spoke to Rav F for years all around Shas and he knew with a klorkeit how the Gemara in any masechta developed into our halacha lemayseh.

In Shatnez, he had an issue with a certain Lakewood checker who was going overboard on reprocessed, he felt was being machmir yosair midye. I asked mumchim outside of Lakewood (who Yudel holds of) and they told me they agree with Rav F on that.

Is your tayna on Lakewood Kreitman over reprocessed or even more blatant things?

freeloader said...

so if wiesner gets free chulent mit kishke from caterers, what does he get from shaatnez checkers? free alterations?

Anonymous said...

How come the Queens Vaad hasn't steamrolled over the local shatnez checkers yet, mafia style like everything else, to get a piece of the $$ pie?

You should hear the exorbitant amount the Vaad tried to shake out of someone to certify matzaivos.

Anonymous said...

Why would BMG protect Kreitman anyway?

Can anyone answer this question?

Anonymous said...

Granted, Rabbi F. is an encyclopedia. What does that have to do with shatnez, or any other part of shulchan Oruch?

Rabbi F. doesn't believe at all that any clothing needs checking for shatnez.
Kreitman follows Rav F's guidelines that clothing doesn't have to be checked (roiv is not shatnez), and he doesn't check at all. So Kreitman is a first class ganev li'mihadrin per Rabbi F. for charging for a non-shatnez label.

Anonymous said...

I asked Rav Forscheimer specifically if things have to be checked or can you be somech on roiv. He said they must be checked.

There is a rosh yeshiva in NY who is also the posek of a certain neighborhood and he holds you don't have to check.

I believe that Rav Forscheimer knows the sugya as well as the metzius.

I believe that the one in NY knows neither.

Stop putting words in the rov's mouth that he didn't say.

Anonymous said...

A while after Reb Shnuer OB"M asked ..... to be Posek for the Oilum, Reb Shnuer commented to a nunteh, ich hub gemaint ess vet em nisht kain tzum kup-ich hub moireh, ich hub gemacht a tu'ois.

It was clearly never intended for choshen mishpat.

Anonymous said...

R yudel if you think the checker can't check offer to learn with him the halachos of shatnez instead of bashing him

Anonymous said...

"R yudel if you think the checker can't check offer to learn with him the halachos of shatnez instead of bashing him" --- Best comment here. Listen to it.

Anonymous said...

Westgate shatnez center is also good.
Update your list

Anonymous said...

After seeing that Rav F signed in support of the Philly mamzer manufacturers, I am starting to be more noyteh to R' Yudel.

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