Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Update: "Explosive-report" Mikvah filter and it's ramifications-Most Lakewood mikvahs have it R"L

A few years back a so called "Mikvah-filter" was made by a few well meaning individuals. The filter would remain in the water filtering on a constant basis. No chlorine would be needed, the water will always be clean, etc.

What are the Halachic and "mesorah" ramifications of such a filter?

The creators of the filter made an appointment with the revered Rav Moshe Neuschloss, Z"L residing then and being the Rav in New Square, NY. When they appeared at the door of Rav Neuschloss for the appointment, Rav Neuschloss took his cane and "chased them out" of his home. Rav Neuschlos's son in law (Rav Shia Leifer) was there in the house at the time. When Rav Neuschloss was asked for an explanation by the one that arranged the appointment , Rav Neuschloss responded that he wanted them to respond to all that ask "what did Rav Neuschloss say about the filter?, He chased us out with a stick".

Rav Moshe Neuschlos's Z"L psak re: Mikvahs with these filters; was always ביום חול, לא להשתמש בכלל, בשוי"ט, אם יש כבר ילדים אז לדחות הטבילה ואם אין עוד ילדים לילך למקום אחר לשבת שיש בהסביבה מקוה בלי הפילטר.

 Harav Moshe Shternbuch, Shlita-גאב"ד עדה חרדית ירושל-ם is also of the opinion not to use a Mikvah that has that type of filter. Rav Moshe Shternbuch, Shlita instructed his nephew (a Prominent Rav in Lakewood) to instruct his congregants and all others not to use such a mikvah and to re-toivel in a kosher mikvah.  As far as we were able to determine, the nephew of Rav Shternbuch (A Rav in Lakewood) never notified his congregants or others of the psak of Rav Shternbuch.

Rav Sternbuch holds parts of it is a kli.
Everyone holds that the slightest modification will make it possul. The signing of the document not to modify does not help. Many have modified and passeled it R"L


Anonymous said...

Is there such a filter in any Lakewood mikvah?

Anonymous said...

Only Satmar does NOT have the forbidden filter.

Anonymous said...

This is not explosive at all as it doesn't reveal if the Lakewood mikvas does or does not have this and what the Lakewood posting said when you presented this to them (since I'm sure you reached out first to get their side right.)?

Stam said...

What abut the names of the Rabbonim who consider it acceptable?

Stam said...


Absolutely forbidden?

Here, for instance, is a list of those who give a heksher to the Mei Galim filtration system:

Raise your kashias with them and let us know it works out.

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Anonymous said...

The inventor of the filter told me that he went from Rov to Rov and nobody assered it. Learn his sefer and see what it says.
Ignorant people bleat about mesoirah. Hungarian 'rabbunim' pick up their (silver-tipped) stick. Talmidei chachomim sit and learn.

Anonymous said...

I know at least 2 nepews of Reb Moshe Rabbonim & one Rosh Yeshiva in Lakewood, there are possibly more.

Anonymous said...

How dare you scare people about something as sensitive as a mikva, when you know Reb Nissim Karelitz was mattir lechatchila? Is that also a mesoira?

Anonymous said...

The difference is
Is there a Heter for Men mikvah or also Nashim Ladies Mikvah?

David Eidensohn said...

Years ago I spoke with Rav Shternbuch for a long time about laws of Gittin. Then we went to Mincha. After Mincha, the Rov called me over and asked, "Do you go to the Mikvah?" I replied, "What, such a place of (censored.)" He smiled and said, "When you go back to Monsey tell them that Filters are forbidden."

Dovid Eidensohn

Anonymous said...

Rav Shternbuch is a fine Moreh hoiro'oh, but pesakim should be left to the gedolei haposkim, who all have spoken. This filter is muttar lechatchila and the me'ar'erim do not mean the mikvah. The inventor of this filter outed a molester about 20 years ago, and there are those out for revenge. Simple as that.