Sunday, April 17, 2016

UNAUTHORIZED "Hisachdus Harabonim on PRODUCT???

Yummie’s Bakery products bear an unauthorized CRC (Hisachdus Harabonim — Central Rabbinical Congress). Yummie’s repackages baked goods from a variety of different bakeries. The CRC takes no responsibility for such repackaged products.


Anonymous said...

Did they have 'Sachdis at one point but stopped paying on time?

That can get Glick to very quickly declare unauthorized!

Anonymous said...

Yudels looking to drum up business for his new and better Bais Yosef Bais Din.
Like a partner in a law firm, hes gotto bring in NEW clients.

Anonymous said...

Are u Embarrassed to poste התאחדות דברוקלין פטשקוויל against you