Sunday, May 14, 2017

An interesting Chasunah trend is emerging.

Why wait till the Chasunah to bring your check?
Others started sending in their checks with their return cards.

Others are opting to increase their present amount and fore go their presence at the Chasuna. It's an expense, travel, time, etc. Many Baalei-Simcha are very thankful for the larger present V presence.


Meira Halberg said...

I don't think that Baalei Simcha appreciate having an empty hall and some nice checks sent in in lieu of attendance. Firstly, there is usually a minimum quota of guests that the baalei simcha have to pay for anyway. Seeing empty tables at a wedding is actually disheartening and it diminishes from the simcha. Secondly, Simchas Chosson VKallah is a real mitzvah too. We see that Izevel's hands and feet remained intact although the rest of her body didn't merit kevurah, because she used to clap her hands and dance in honor of the kallah.

Anonymous said...

Do chasunas have to put the Baalei-Simcha into bankruptcy?
They can't not invite XY&Z, etc.

This will allow them to send invites to everyone, yet not go into hock.

Does a chasunah have to be 4-500?

200 + iz zeir a sheinah chasunah.

Does one have a right to go into hock because he wants a big chasunah? Definitely not!

Anonymous said...

Then the baalei simcha can't pay the caterer, photographer, music, etc.

When takkunah chasunas were made it was because if these considerations.

Time to take the next step as well.

Anonymous said...


Why 200? 50 is plenty. All you need is a minyan. 50 is mehadrin min hamehadrin.
Just make sure to send a check - not a gift.