Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Gary did it again - [thanks- Agudas Yisroel] He's coming out of the closet. from an Email

 November 10, 2016

Unfortunately party politics interfered with basic sanity and instead voted (including Gary Schaer) to vote on the bill right away.
Gary Schaer closed the vote in an unusual and abrupt way to make sure that the bill passed. People who have been around Trenton for years commented how “unusual the vote closing was.” The bill passed by only one vote and unfortunately most of assembly members that represent the Jewish community voted the wrong way, including all of those who represent Bergen County’s Jewish community.
It was clear that because of Gary Schaer’s actions and inactions and Marlene Caride (Passaic’s other representative) the bill passed.

I would like to express my opinion regarding one of the biggest new threats to America and America’s Jewish community, which is the legalization and normalization of assisted suicide around the United States. Assisted suicide is the suicide of a patient affected by the taking of lethal drugs provided by a doctor for this purpose. This total lack of regard for human life is the anathema of Torah Judaism.
Two sessions ago, four assembly members sponsored the first New Jersey assisted suicide bill. Unfortunately, two of those four represent the bulk of Bergen County’s Jewish community: Tim Eustace (the largest communities being Fair Lawn/Paramus/Bergenfield) and Valerie Huttle (the largest communities being Englewood/Teaneck/Tenafly). Assemblyman Gordon Johnson (also from the Englewood/Teaneck/Tenafly district) was a cosponsor of the bill. The bill went on to pass the Assembly health committee, but thank God, never picked up traction in the assembly for a full vote.
The hearing saw many people testify against the bill including many disabled people who rightly feel that this bill will put them at risk. It was pointed out during the hearing that while sponsors say that this bill is about helping people in pain, this bill allows for the termination of someone who has no pain. Another point brought up is in Oregon, which has this law, Medicaid has turned a few people down for life-saving treatments including chemotherapy but offered to pay for the poison to kill them instead.
Then on the first day of Sukkot, the NJ Assembly announced that there will be a vote before the entire assembly on Thursday of Chol Hamoed. The only Orthodox Jew in the assembly, Gary Schaer, let us down tremendously. On the morning of the vote he was asked to openly speak against the bill, which many long-time lobbyists felt could have changed a few votes. Not only did he not speak against the bill, but he was acting as chair during its passage.
During the session, Assemblyman Robert Auth said the proof needed that the patient is interested in suicide is signatures of two witnesses. However, an agent of the patient’s medical insurance company, the most biased of all, would be considered a witness under this bill. Therefore, he asked for a vote that would bring the bill back to the committee to fix the flaws with this bill that are apparent to even supporters of the concept of assisted suicide. 
Avraham Sharaby
Lakewood, NJ


malky444 said...
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Anonymous said...

But he gets a standing ovation at the Agudah convention and lakewood self appointed asscans drool over their power with Gary.

Gay Avek said...

Gary doesn't want his friends to get angry at him when he hangs out in gay bars. Rabbi Yehuda Levin once publicized information about Gary's toyavadik bar hopping.cc

Anonymous said...

Gary is in it for himself. God and the bible are irrelevant to him.

Anonymous said...

Thank You Mr. S. for your informative commentary. What's gonna be....

Anonymous said...

Gary's 'Shev V'aal Taaseh" is now a 'koom Vaasay' because someone did not like the results and has no one to blame except him.
OK. In this day and age, the way us chareidim do business, that is acceptable logic.
However, is sounds like the 'sekraataarin' (current slang for Moetzes...)from Agudah do not agree with 'us chareidim'. And that's what Gary followed.
OK. In this day and age he's a apikoires, mumar, tzionist, litvaak, misnaaged and some more complimentary adjectives.

Anonymous said...

Who says he's a yid?

A ben noach (Noahide) are also commanded not to b e promiscuous.

He needs to wear his hoizen like the priests wear their shirts.

Anonymous said...

Err iz a shmitzikeh mentsch

Anonymous said...

Esteemed Community Leaders and  Members,

Please alert your associates to urge Schaer, and every other NJ Assemblyman, to vote against the Transgender bill scheduled for a vote in the Assembly -- this Thursday.

His contact info is:
Gary Schaer:
9732493665 AsmSchaer@njleg.org

Ask Schaer, and others:
'Why should children be molested because of your ludicrous "Equality"??'


Rabbi Noson Shmuel Leiter 
Exec. Dir.,
Help Rescue Our Children

Anonymous said...

Does Garry's wife know what he is all about?

Do they want an open marriage, or some other arrangement?

Anonymous said...

It's time to tell Garry publicly the same thing someone told Ed Koch in Public.


Passaic Watch said...

The situation in the Passaic "frum" community is pathetic, and its affecting all of NJ.

Many of the Passaic "black hat" rabbis grovel and pander to Schaer and would never dare object to his pro mishkav zachar activities.

The liberal MO types furiously oppose any "homophobia" and would also never confront Schaer.

The brainwashed Baalei Tshuvah live in their fantasy world while ignoring the corruption around them, and keeping their heads buried in the sand.

The Passaic "frum" community is well on its way to becoming the laughing stock of the frum world.

Anonymous said...

The nafka Mina from Gary to Koch is that Koch did a good job of hiding it.

Loy Plug said...

Here at Yudel's there also gender issues.

We all thought for all these years that Yudel (male) does all the leg work to uncover scandals and not scandals.
Then we find out, by Yudel's own addmission, that the Mrs. (Fem...) is the only caller that all the stores get.

Aye. Its current events. Today's "moddeh".