Thursday, June 22, 2017

The IBD International Bais Din is not-kosher aka "Treif"

Rabbi Gordimer exposes the IBD Treif Bias Din


Queens said...

Krauss is the Queens Vaad rabbi who was letting women have a minyan for leining in Young Israel of Hillcrest

Gordimer's link doesn't work because of an extra period

This link works but this psak from these YU hypocrites is a farce and unneeded.

We already have the psak from Maran Rav Schach ztl against Rackman who was doing the exact same thing.

The YU hypocrites are themselves involved in being "mevatel" kiddushin. They don't want competition.

Gedalya Schwartz does it ALL THE TIME. He is another Nota Greenblatt.

Hershel Schlechter $$$$ does it in rare cases where there is a really wealthy family who rewards him handsomely $$$$ just like he magically transformed the Presidential tochter into a Yehudis without kabolas mitzvos.

You haven't heard from poor Avrohom Gordimer ever since he fell on his face here trying to be matzdik Belsky's surgically treif cows.

I feel for Gordimer. He mamash badly wants that halacha should be followed in YU & OU circles. But he is nebich grasping at straws & deluding himself that these moderner stand with the oylam Hatorah.

And it's a big nebich on Pinny Lipschitz who keeps falling for Gordimer's pshettlach that he reprints at Yated & Matzav. First that the OU is "against" women rabbis & now that YU is against IBD. The OU has taken ZERO action to stop the women rabbis. They are sending around a slippery lawyer on a "fact finding" mission to OU shuls with women rabbis. He is the same slippery lawyer who covered up for both menuvolim, Dovid Weinberger & Barry Freundel. The OU is doing a head-fake to the Israeli Rabbanut & to American Charedim that LOOK we are against women rabbis. At the same time the OU is endorsing "Yoetzet Halacha" which are women poskim. You should think they shouldn't be able to fool anyone with this infantile sheker, but they have got a lot of people fooled from Pinny Lipschitz & beyond.

Anonymous said...

Without his exposure no one would know and we would all be fooled.
Yea. Right.
No one got fooled by the PA 'bais din' either. and they are real frum.

Anonymous said...

the oilam should be advise that sholomo zalmen kuafman has moved to new location and new number dont be fooled into using him!!

Connect the Dots said...

It makes sense that Pinny Lipschutz is teaming up with Gordimer.

Gordimer is shilling for Hershel Schechter.

Pinny is shilling for Philly mamzerus. (And tried to pressure many gedolim to not sign against it)

Schechter joined Philly for the mamzerus with his illogical one liner of "Kvar hoyreh zoken" (mamreh?) for the zoyneh who can only have one husband at a time

Gordimer is kind of pathetic on his crusade takkeh because what does he stand for after all.

But what is really sickening is if you have seen Pinny Lipschutz at a simcha for the last year when the Kaminetzkys walk in. They are making a scene hugging & kissing each other. Such chibah, mamash!

Anonymous said...

Queens from Thu Jun 22, 12:59:00 PM 2017

Really has a life. What a life. We all wish we could be like HIM.

Didn't know that B'dikas OU / YU applies all year round.


Just another day in Queens.

Amol gelerrrnt in Brrrisk said...

In my days in yeshiva the Yated was known in Brisk as "Pravda", the same name of the Soviet Communist newspaper.

The tzad hashoveh is that baideh tzeitungen present a version of the "facts" b'oyfan vos zai villen az du darfst gut farshtayen. And this is the only reality to be a good Comrade or good ben Torah.

Anonymous said...

At least Young Israel took somewhat of a stand. They do not allow any Weiss talmidim to be rabbi of any Young Israel. And they have banned Weiss & Riskin from speaking in their shuls.

The OU is indeed full of it. Every time their beis din issues a psak they do not force their shuls to implement it as policy.

They allow Rubashkin meat even though the OU beis din said you cannot trust the kashrus of a Meshichist owner - Sholom Rubashkin is Meshichist with Yechee yarmulka & everything.

They allow women rabbis.

They allow Weiss talmidim as rabbis.

They cooperate with all the shutfim of Lanner.

An OU rabbi in New Orleans was a dayan on a Reform gerus beis din. He would go to the temple to daven on Shabbos night. And he invited the Reform rabbi to give droshos by Shabbos shacharis.

All these things are against their official psak.

When David Olivestone was OU spokesman he even told people the OU will not enforce policies at shuls.

Rabbi Gordimer is invited to come out of hiding when these events are taking place. Why is he focused only on women rabbis, some but not all bittul kiddushin, and Avi Weiss talmidim being koifer in Torah miSinai? There are plenty of other items to be outraged about which the OU itself is guilty of.

Anonymous said...

Just read:

LA drivers could soon add Obama Boulevard to their commute...

Hope the boulevard is cement not tar.....

OU Eyepopper said...

The OU will never take a strong stand because at least 40% of their rabbis who are paying RCA member dues have hashkofos that are kefira and they are sympathizers of Avi Weiss. There would be a revolt in the OU on the scale of a civil war. These Leftist rabbis will form their own group or defect to Weiss's IRF. The OU is more afraid of a rift that will deplete their ranks & money coming into their bank account, than they are of doing the right thing al pi Hatorah.

So just like Avi Weiss initially pussyfooted around with different titles for women rabbis until he decided he had the stomach to be attacked, the OU will keep up this game of semantics and they will use Lipschutz & other tools in an attempt to fool everyone. Has a single OU shul dropped their women rabbis? No

Nothing really changes at the OU no matter what they claim.

When OU Rosh Shechita, Dokter Rabbiner Seth Mandel was exposed, largely through the efforts of this website, the OU was in a corner so they said they said they will bring in a dayan from Manchester to be over Mandel's head. But they just wait for the noise to subside and then nothing they say materializes.