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SHATNEZ fraud IN MONSEY?-YES! (It's worse than you think!) Lakewood Branch???

Update: This was reconfirmed

Background: Monsey shatnez test center is unqualified to test, and they put on non-shatnez labels on clothing that have shatnez. R"L = All clothing must be rechecked!

SHATNEZ TESTING: The Monsey Shatnez Test Center does testing in Monsey, Queens, Englewood & other areas as well.
While testing in Queens, there arose some questions by some of the Queens "Rabonim" as to the expertise of the tester. The Rabonim had garments that the Monsey tester labeled as non-Shatnez was re-tested by the National Shatnez Testing laboratory & found that they did in fact contain Shatnez.

The Rabonim confronted the Monsey tester, & was told that these garments contain Shatnez, yet he was unable to identify the places that contained the Shatnez. Other tests were prepared for the tester to ascertain his degree of expertise. After the conclusion of the testing of his expertise he was advised not to return to Queens.

We followed up with approaching Rabonim in Monsey, NY to advise them to follow up on the serious concerns of the conclusion of the Queens Rabonim. The Monsey Rabonim sent garments to the Monsey test center & had the same results; the National Shatnez The Monsey Shatnez Test Center does testing in Monsey, Englewood & other areas as well. The Monsey Shatnez Test Center used to go to Queens to do shatnez testing in Rabbi Friedman’s Shul & David’s Cleaners on Main Street every Sunday morning.

In June ’01-Sivan ‘61, some of the Queens "Rabbonim" (Rabbis Yigal Haimoff ,Shlomo Teitelbaum) began to suspect the validity of the Monsey tester. Therefore the Rabbonim acquired three garments that contained shatnez and sent them to the Monsey tester for testing via David Cleaners in Queens. All three garments the Monsey tester labeled as non-Shatnez. These garments were re-tested by the Directors of the National Association of Professional Shatnez Testers & Researchers (Lakewood) who confirmed that they did indeed contain Shatnez in obvious places, that any qualified tester should be able to find easily.

Rabbis Yigal Haimoff, Teitelbaum, Peretz Steinberg confronted the Monsey tester (June17’01-26 Sivan’61 in Rabbi Friedmans Shul), & they informed him that these garments contain Shatnez, yet he was unable to identify the places of the Shatnez.(?)

Another test was prepared for the Monsey tester to ascertain his degree of his expertise that took place on June 20th ’01 in front of Rabbis Oelbaum,Teitelbaum, Peretz Steinberg, Savitsky. They concluded by advising him not to return to Queens.

On July 17 ’01-26 Tamuz,’61 Rabbi Shain together with the Directors of the NAPSTAR met with Rabbis Yisroel Hager, Weissmandel, Schnebalg, Neiman to discuss the seriousness of the problem concerning the Monsey Shatnez Test Center.

The Directors of the NAPSTAR were asked to come to Monsey and demonstrate to the Rabbonim where was the shatnez in the garments that was certified as non–shatnez by the Monsey Test Center. The Directors of the NAPSTAR clearly showed Rabbis Yisroel Hager, Weissmandel, Schnebalg, Neiman the Shatnez, by use of Microscopes. The Rabbonim were shocked and dismayed how the shatnez was missed and that they all had labels non-Shatnez labels affixed to them by the Monsey tester.

Rabbis Yisroel Hager, Weissmandel, Schnebalg, Rottenberg, Neiman confronted the Monsey Shatnez Center with the facts on July 26th ’01-5 Av,’61 where he confessed that he is lacking the knowledge to be able to test properly & the Rabonim concluded that he is not qualified to test for Shatnez unless he attends extensive shatnez training sessions. (which the Monsey tester didn’t follow up)

Thereafter he went to the "Bnai-Brak" & Yerushlaim Shatnez laboratories to attempt to obtain a certification (August 12th- 15th). Rabbi Shain advised them to test his Shatnez knowledge.They interviewed him & advised him that he will require a least whole year of training in their Laboratory before they can consider certification. The Monsey tester informed them that he is leaving the Shatnez testing field altogether. Upon his return to Monsey he decided nonetheless to continue Shatnez testing.

A meeting of Rabbis Yisroel Hager,Weissmandel, Schnebalg, Rottenberg & the Belzer Dayan took place in Monsey on August 30th ’01-11Elul,’61 on how to proceed. Monday September 3rd ’01-15 Elul,’61 a comprehensive meeting took place. Rabbonim with the Bodkim of Lakewood, Williamsburg & Monsey. The purpose of the meeting was to try to get everyone to work as a unit.

Rabbonim attending were: Rabbis Yisroel Hager, Weissmandel, Schnebalg, Neiman, Rottenberg, Belzer Dayan , Satmar Dayan Also present were Rabbis Shain, Yeshaya Dovid Feier, and the Director’s of NAPSTAR R’ Yoel Schockett & R’Yosef Sayagh, & the Director of Lee Ave Shatnez Lab. R’ Yitzchok Gluestien and R’ Yakov Kreitman the Monsey tester. The conclusion of the meeting was that R’ Yakov Kreitman was going to be trained by R’ Yoel Schockett.

On Sept ’01-13 Elul,’61 Rabbi Schnebalg asked of R’ Schockett to please send R’ Yakov Kreitman the Monsey tester a garment that contains shatnez to see if he will find it, the shatnez was unfortunately missed. After Succos, by Nov 1st ’01-15 Cheshvan, ‘62 a total of nine garments were sent to the Monsey tester and all were certified as Non –Shatnez. All this was done under the auspices of Rabbi Schnebalg. On Nov 7th ’01-21 Cheshvan, ‘62 NAPSTAR were asked to come to Monsey & demonstrate to Rabbis Yisroel Hager, Weissmandel, Schnebalg, Neiman, Rottenberg where was the shatnez that was certified as non–shatnez by the Monsey Test Center.

Rabbi Rottenberg wrote everything that was said by the Directors of the NAPSTAR as to where the shatnez in every garment was, and then he sent the garments to WLSBG & Boro Park for further clarification. The Rabbonim met with the Monsey Tester and asked him to resign. Thereafter he obtained the certification of Bais Din "Mishpat-Sholom" in Brooklyn, NY despite “Mishpat Shalom” being advised by the Monsey Rabonim of the serious situation &; “mich’shol li’rabim”.

"Mishpat-Sholom" also certifies Lee Ave Laboratory. "Mishpat-Sholom Rabonim" admit that they don’t know the practical aspects of shatnez testing nor do they have a qualified expert in the practical testing of Shatnez in the Bais-Din. Lee Ave Brooklyn lab claims that they have retrained the Monsey tester. The fact remains that after retraining, we are confronted with the same problems, Shatnez garments having labels non-Shatnez.

Please Note: The writer, R' Yehuda Shain was trained in Shatnez testing under R' Yosef Rosenberger OB"M 45 +- years ago, and worked under his personal guidance. A meeting was called by Mishpat-Sholom Bais-Din (WLSBG) to update them of the findings of the Queens & Monsey Rabbonim as far as the Monsey tester.

The meeting took place in Wlsbg on Jan 16th ’02-3 Shevat, ‘62, Rabbi Shain & the Director of the NAPSTAR were present together with representatives of the Lee Ave Shatnez center. Why wasn’t the most important individual present, "the Monsey tester"?.

Some prominent Rabonim advised against going to the meeting called by the Bais-Din Mishpat Shalom as their intentions are to cover up & to make the accusers look foolish. We were not ready (at the time) to accept that a Bais-Din will be using such tactics. Also at the meeting was a CPA who brought some suits of his (purchased at the “British-American House” NYC) that were tested by the Lee Ave Shatnez center & labeled as Non-Shatnez. After retesting them at the Flatbush Lab (not affiliated with Lee Ave. Lab) they were found to contain obvious Shatnez.

Also present was a prominent Flatbush Rov, Rav Eliezer Ginsburg & a Flatbush askan. At first the Lee Ave. Lab told all of us & the Bais-Din that their tester has not been going to the British American House in NYC for 3 years (which was not true). The owner of the suits called the store from the Bais-Din & they said that the Lee Ave. Labs tester comes every 2 weeks to do Shatnez testing. The Bais-Din Mishpat Shalom was in a bind by certifying Shatnez garments as non-Shatnez.

Mishpat Shalom decided on a new tactic & wanted to know one thing only “why we brought this new problem to them"? This questions the qualifications of the current Lee Ave Laboratory as well. The current head of Lee Av Lab is the son in law of Mr. Rosenberger, OB"M who never let him get involved in Shatnez testing. (He obviously realized that he wasn’t qualified).

The CPA & Rav Eliezer Ginsburg asked the Mishpat-Sholom Bais-Din how they intend to deal with this additional serious problem. The Bais-Din responded that it's of utmost importance to know why I told the Flatbush group about this meeting & thereby putting them in a corner. And till they do not get a satisfactory response they will not address any real Shatnez issues.

Then one of the Judges said a long story about him eating a hot piece of Gefilte fish & going to the hospital, & it's hard for him to talk; yet all the Mishpat Shalom Judges had him do all of the talking.

We saw that the Monsey tester was not present & Lee Ave Lab was there, we realized the "set-up". At that point it was useless to remain any longer (2 + hours) at the meeting. We must confess that the Rabonim that advised us against going to the meeting, were regretfully right, as this is the outcome they foretold.

The facts as they are today, the Monsey Shatnez Center & the Lee Ave Lab. are certifying clothing containing Shatnez as "non-Shatnez", under Mishpat-Sholom Certification. The "Right Place" in Borough Park was advised that their tester is unqualified & is certifying suits containing Shatnez as "non-Shatnez", the Right Place refuses to stop deceiving the public and buyer beware.

All of the "Right Place" suits require re-testing by a qualified lab, which excludes the following labs: Lee Ave Lab & their affiliates, Monsey Test Center. They claim to be guided by a Psak of a Rov. The Shatnez testing fee is a fraud. We verified that the Rov was given wrong and misleading information.

There have been surfacing some fraudulent letters about Shatnez & other related issues. The Rabonim signed authentic letters that certain Shatnez testers are not to be relied upon. The fraudulent letters are known as the "Weinberg-letters". The Copy Express on Lee Ave. in Williamsburg is more than happy to provide anybody with copies of the fraudulent "Weinberg-letters".

Pps. Rabbis, among others were invited to the Shatnez meetings & turned it down as he is an” Erliche responsible tester” (e.g. Erlicher butcher) .This information is current.

For reliable Shatnez test centers in your area call 732–905–2628 or 732-364-7056
Since this past Rosh Hashonah, Lakewood "Kreitman" branch also is unqualified & misses shatnez.


Anonymous said...

Rabbi Gringras from the Lower East Side is now certifying a restaurant in Queens. Watch the Queens Vaad have a fit even though they themselves stick their noses in every jurisdiction they don't belong like Manhattan, Westchester & Long Island.

Chossid of C.S. said...

I thought all these two bit non-VHQ hashgochos "burned all their bridges". So how did Rabbi Greengrass get across the Queensborough Bridge?

Rabbeinu needs to rally all the troops to make a mechooah in front of the restaurant! It's Queens Vaad or nothing!

OU Crony Watch said...

Rabbi Broyde caught lying in the 2nd scandal to emerge in 2 weeks.

Another fictitious rabbi invented by Broyde named David Tzvi Keter contacted the OU to support Broyde in claiming that Rav Schach told him in 1949 that women have what to be somech on in not covering their hair. Because Broyde had his employer Emory University fund the OU-published teshuva pushing this false line (Rabbi Shlomo Miller called it out as false at the time), experts believe Emory will be forced to kick Broyde out of his law professorship.

Anonymous said...

yudel- send kreitmans son something tough t ofind and check him out before you bash him too??

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Gil Student who is the head of the OU's publishing arm is also owner of a publishing house that has exclusive rights to the kesavim of Rabbi Broyde (and Slifkin too).

Student was publishing all the garbage from Keter-Broyde on his Hirhurim / Torah Musings websites that the OU refused to print in Tradition Magazine because they felt it was suspicious.

When confronted now that he aided the Keter-Broyde fraud, Student claims he is a victim and refuses to allow any comments on his website, where he says he will also not discuss it in person if people approach him.

When UOJ went after Student a few years ago for harboring a drug addict in his home who was breaking into shuls & yeshivos to steal sifrei Torah & pushkas, Student went into the same mode of refusing to comment.

Anonymous said...

The Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court on Monday, 19 Iyar 5773 sentenced a mashgiach to five months imprisonment and an 8,000 NIS fine for pouring scalding water on an employee of a factory that he supervised. The mashgiach is a resident of Betar Illit and father of 14 children.

The incident occurred two years earlier. The mashgiach stood accused of pouring a pot of scalding water on an employee, resulting in burns to his scalp, face, neck, shoulders, back and the palms of his hands.

The defendant admitted his guilt, explaining he decided to pour the boiling water on the employee who regularly taunted and punched him, explaining he endured the abuse for a long time before reacting. He told the court he warned the victim to back off and leave him alone a number of times, telling him if he does not he will pour boiling water on him. He filed a complaint with the factory’s management but nothing was done he explained.

The defendant warmed the water and then poured it on the victim, but expressed remorse over his actions. He told the court he did not realize the damage it would cause to the victim.

The court in its ruling acknowledged the fact that the mashgiach lost his job and was unemployed for the year following the boiling water attack as well as the realization that he is the father of such a large family. Taking this into consideration, the court sentenced him to only five months imprisonment despite the fact defendants who came before the same court for similar offenses were sentenced to longer prison terms.

YU - Torah Madua said...

Dr. Norman Lamm called Broyde the gadol hador.

And it shows you what the YU-controlled OU is all about that they allowed such a chaya to be in charge of their beis din.

They knew exactly what Broyde is trying to Reform veiber covering hair and making women rabbis without actually calling them rabbis.

This is the preferred hashkofoh with YU & OU leadership and this is why Broyde was their man.

Anonymous said...

business expertise & an expansive view of philanthropy led Rechnitz to buy Doheny Glatt Kosher Meat Market, the scandal-ridden Los Angeles kosher meat distributor that closed its doors last month.

“The Rabbinical Council of California [RCC] approached me & said, ‘Shlomo, could this be one of your charity things?’ ” Rechnitz recalled. “Kosher meat is expensive enough.”

Rechnitz took less than a week to close the deal with Doheny owner, Mike Engelman, who was caught on video bringing unidentified meat products into his store at a time when the RCC’s supervisor had left the scene. Then he only held onto the purchase for about a week before arranging to transfer it to a 3rd party, David Kagan, owner of Western Kosher. Kagan declined to be interviewed, saying the deal had not yet been finalized.

“I love the rush of a deal. It’s like coke addiction,” Rechnitz, said, a tall glass of caffeine-free Coca-Cola on the table in front of him. “Not that I know what coke addiction is.”

Whether he’s in the hunt to acquire a new long-term care facility — through Brius, Rechnitz owns 62 across the state — or some other business or property, he enjoys the challenge of outsmarting, outbidding or outmaneuvering the competition.

“That is salesmanship,” said Rechnitz, a native Angeleno who inherited a peddler’s instinct from his grandfather, who sold women’s apparel, and his father, a closeout salesman. “You’re selling your business, you’re selling your service. You’re telling them why you should be the one that should be chosen.”

In his first big venture, Rechnitz and his twin brother, Steve, founded TwinMed, which offered nursing homes to buy supplies not on an item-by-item basis — ordering this many boxes of latex gloves or gauze — but by paying TwinMed a set daily rate for all supplies for each patient in their care.

This “per patient day” system helped TwinMed grow to become one of the largest distributors of supplies to nursing homes in the country, and has attracted attention within the business world.

In each of the past 2 years, the brothers have presented their business as a case study for students in the MBA program at Stanford, and, in 2011, Ernst & Young named Steve Rechnitz “Entrepreneur of the Year”.

The Rechnitz twins have clear business advantages. They can stand in for one another in a way that only identical twins can; their employees & even their 5-year-old sons occasionally get them confused.

And the Rechnitzes are, in a word, big.

“It never hurts when you have two 6'8", 300+ lb people walking into your office & strongly suggesting that you buy their product,” Steve Rechnitz said in accepting the entrepreneur award in 2011.

Anonymous said...

Steve is the active CEO of TwinMed, while Shlomo has moved into other businesses. He started by buying nursing homes and then began to get involved in businesses that nursing homes contract to, including a pharmacy, a pest control firm and an ambulance company.

Shlomo Rechnitz pursues similarly varied interests in his philanthropic work.

Within Orthodox circles, he is almost always called by his first and middle names, Shlomo Yehuda, and he has become known for his aid to prominent nonprofits at times of crisis.

In November 2011, when the head of the Mir Yeshiva in Jerusalem died suddenly, leaving the 7,500-student institution $15 million in debt, Rechnitz, who had spent nearly five years studying there, donated $5 million. Others followed, Rechnitz said, and Mir’s debt was paid in full within three months.

In December of that year, Rechnitz purchased a creditor’s note against Chabad of California’s headquarters in Westwood for $2.35 million, helping the organization avoid foreclosure. Rechnitz, who also donates to Chabad in more conventional ways, said he still holds the note, adding that he’s hoping to be paid back “one day.”

And after Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on the East Coast, Rechnitz gave $1 million to aid in the rebuilding of Orthodox Jewish day schools and to assist the families whose children attend those schools.

“His business is a front for his charity,” said Rabbi Chaim Cunin, CEO of Chabad of California, who went to school with Rechnitz for a few years when they were boys growing up in Los Angeles. “Because he lives his charity.”

Many people seek Rechnitz’s help these days. Over the course of an hour-long conversation, his cellphone rang a dozen times and three people knocked on his door.

Rechnitz hasn’t maintained an office for many years, preferring to do business either from his home or over the phone while driving around the neighborhood around La Brea Avenue, so it’s possible those calls were business-related. But it’s equally plausible that Rechnitz was ignoring, temporarily, people soliciting his assistance.

Rechnitz calls himself “a nondenominational giver” and said that at times he reaches out to those who aren’t coming to him. Last year, Diana Aulger, a pregnant woman in Texas, decided to have her doctors induce labor so that her husband, Mark, who was dying of cancer, could meet their child. Mark got to hold their daughter, Savannah, for 45 minutes before he died.

Rechnitz saw the story online and sent Aulger a check for $20,000.

He also sends $10,000 checks to the families of police officers who are shot while on duty in Southern California. Those gifts are inspired in part by an urge to assist individuals who put themselves into harm’s way for the public good, but Rechnitz said he’s also driven by another motive.

“I don’t think that non-Jews should ever look back at the Jewish people and say, ‘You only care about your own,’ ” he said.

Anonymous said...

(A study done in 2013 found that anyone repeating uncomfortable truths about the Queens Vaad or even just suspected of doing so had their character assassinated. Various Vaad affiliated rabbis and mashgichim chipped in 100 hours each to to do a smear campaign on the internet, over the phone and while tummeling around shuls off Metropolitan.)

A study done in 1925 in New York City found 40 percent of the meat sold as kosher was not kosher. Consumer groups and industry associations put the number higher, toward 60 percent. There were Jewish gangsters who mixed it up with meat cutters' unions, price-fixing scandals, threats and violence. A poultry seller who cooperated with police to expose the corruption was gunned down in Manhattan's Washington Market in a murder-for-hire paid for by a group of retail competitors, who chipped in $100 each to hire a hit man, Lytton said.

During this period of rampant fraud and corruption, government regulators tried to clean up the industry. By the late 1930s, there were six full-time kosher inspectors in the New York City Department of Markets and ten in the state Kosher Enforcement Bureau, but their numbers were insufficient to oversee the 18,000 kosher food establishments in New York City, Lytton wrote.

Anonymous said...

tudel what do u want from kreitman he not well

Anonymous said...


אבל בדברי שמים אם לא חזר בו בסתר מכלימין אותו ברבים ומפרסמים חטאו ומחרפים אותו בפניו ומבזין אותו עד שיחזור למוטב וכו'

עין כסף משנה (המקור) "פשוט

חפץ חיים הלכות ל"ה כלל ד' ס' ז' ......לכן מותר להכלימו ולספר בגנותו בין בפניו.....צריך לשפטו לצד החוב...ולשפוך בוז עליו.. מותר לפרסמו ולגלות חטאיו בשער בת רבים וכו'

וע' עוד חפץ חיים הלכות ל"ה כלל ד' ס' י' "לחזהיר בניו ותלמידיו" וכו'

ועין עוד בכתבי חפץ חיים – מכתב מ"ו- ע"כ הנני מודע בשער בת רבים
שבמקום הריסת הדת וחרבן הדת-נעשה כל זה כהלכה "מצוה רבה וחובה גדולה לעשות כל מה שביכולת לגדור גדר ולעמוד בפרץ , ואין בזה משום חשש איסור.

ומוסיף הח"ח "ופליאה לי על כל גדולי ישראל, המחשים בזה ואינם יוצאים במחאה גלויה, וכו'"

תדע שזה לא בא ממבקשי אמת ותורה וכו' רק רק מה ס"א ודורשי שקר ואינם מאמינים בתורה מסיני ר"ל.

Anonymous said...

yudel by u nothing good we got already up to orange juice I WONDER WHATS NEXT

Anonymous said...

Yudel chazak don't listen to all these people that talk like the UN that have no idea what going on