Monday, April 04, 2011

SWEET'N LOW- contains non-kosher wine?

Sweet & Low contains "cream of tarter" derived from grape-juice extracted via a centrifuge process. The source of the grape-juice is "ANY SOURCE".
The mere fact that it may carry a kosher certification, should not be a reason for Jewish people to use the product. [MARS Co in England recently removed the non kosher ingredients from their products even though the London Bais-Din approved the products]

This is not be confused with what is brought down in halacha as "vein-shtein", which is sediment remaining on the wine barrell. There never was a "ge'zeiras chazal" on that, only on the wine absorbed in the sediment, which we can leave to dry 12 months.

But when it's derived from non-kosher grape-juice it retains the non-kosher status even after drying.

NOTE: The passover production of Sweet & Low (by Gefen) does not contain cream of tarter.

Halal Certifiers do not permit alcohol derived ingredients yet they have not banned Sweet & low at this time, as the cream of tarter is not derived from fermented wine but from grape-juice.

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Unfortunately you cant track Reb Chanina down because he was niftar 7 Nissan 5773.