Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The forerunner to Shevach & Rubashkin

NOTE: It's a well established fact that all of their "chazerei" is all the same with different labels "per customers requests". The labels are controlled by the plant not the Ha$shgocha$.
One can easily undecut the market when upto 49% is sold as kosher or Glatt, even Bais Yosef to the gullible consumers.

Here's the forerunner to Shevach and Rubashkin.

Just substitute the name Greenberg with Finkel or Rubashkin and Rabbi Rubin for Breslauer or Weissmandl/Dayan-Brody/Gornish/Strasser et al:
Rabbi Gornish said any caterer or individual that used anything from Rubashkin "must-kasher-his-keilim". What happened now? "kesef-mi'taher-mam'zeirim". He said you can't trust any of the Rubashkin's.
The Rabonim Machshirim are actually "(used-car-)salesmen" in disguise.