Friday, January 15, 2010


The 'herring worm' is often found in herring, mackerel, whiting and blue whiting, but it also occurs in many other species. Its scientific name is Anisakis simplex. It grows up to 2 cm long in fish, is almost colourless, and is found tightly coiled and encased in the guts and flesh, sometimes in considerable numbers, particularly in the belly flaps. Anisakis can migrate from guts to flesh in fish left ungutted after capture, notably in herring, mackerel and blue whiting.

There will be a run to produce canned salmon "labeled-FARMED"- should you trust the label? They claimed "there are no worms in canned salmon". Dagim was aware for years that their Flounder labeld fish has worms, I told them about it.

This includes the canned Alaskan wild salmon-Dagim says they didn't see any worms in their salmon-Dagim denies that there (may be) are worms in their canned salmon. Nonetheless many educated consumers have stopped using it.

Dagim as of late doesn't respond to my inquiries.

There has been lately more confirmation of worms in the flesh of fish.
There is a Rav Revach that has been doing some research into the subject. He is also involved with a company that sends fish to china to inspect for worms in the flesh. They do the inspections via a light-box. It's being done at a rate of 2 seconds a piece. They may be removing some of the larger ones but not the smaller thinner ones.

It doesn't make a difference, as long as even one remains, you can't use the fish.

There is a list that was put together by Rav Wagshall;

Wild salmon is one of the types that have worms in the flesh. Chillean & Norway don't have the problem. Farm raised is almost clean. Canned salmon is usually from wild salmon,

Cod- Black-wild (aka Smoked sable)
Flounder-BB Black Backs
Flounder- Yellow Tail

Greysole- Canada
Hadock- Chatum
Halibut-East coast

Red perch-Canada
Red perch-Iceland

Seabass-Chilean (aka smoked sable) Fresh & frozen
Turbot frozen
White fish- Canada


Phil Leone said...

I saw some bits in Great Value canned tuna that looked like worm parts.
I opened the can for a sick puppy that wasn't eating.
The puppy dies less than 30 hours later.
I ate some and got massive diarrhea, fever and got very weak.
I've been in bed for the most part of 3 days and finally was able to eat today.
The last time I went to the bathroom I saw the same little bits of flesh on the paper.
I took off one bit and it would not let go of my finger.
I put it in a sandwich bag and looked at it with a loupe (10X) and saw it moving very slowly.
I still feel weak but not as much and my belly aches quite a bit!
I wonder if this could happen from parasites in canned tuna.

queen AaliYAH said...

Yes you need to head to the er asap and sue the company oh my goodness i had this same thing happened except it was in fish and i didnt eat it i was about to but i looked and saw it