Sunday, April 18, 2010

BEWARE: Israeli Grape Juice

Chief Rabbinate of Israel
Kashrut Fraud Division -Kashrut Alert – 18
27 Nissan 5770 -April 11, 2010

As a result of repeated and continuous inquiries into the reliability
of grape juice sold in Israel without kosher certification from local
rabbinates, a surprise inspection was made by representative of the
Chief Rabbinate of Israel Kashrut Enforcement Division, accompanied by
Rabbi Yaakov Chaim Klein Shlita, the rav and av beit din of Yesodot
(Nachal Sorek area), which is near the area inspected.

On location a number of wines and grape juices under the supervision
of the Eida Chareidit Sephardi of Jerusalem, Badatz Sheerit Yisrael,
Badatz Rabbanut Kraiyot-Ashdod, Badatz Chanichei Yeshivot under the
leadership of Gavaad Rabbi Mordechai Gross Shlita and Badatz Beit
Hora’ah Mispat Zedek Kisei Rachamim Bnei Brak.

During the surprise inspection we noticed some of the products were
outside the winery, without any supervision. Barrels and vats without
proper seals and kashrut plombers (chotem b’tok chotem – required
double seal) with the exception of one.

Stickers attesting to the kashrut of products were strewn about
without supervision as requried. Remains of wafers and other chametz
cookies were found about the same area, despite the product claiming
to be kosher for Passover year round [as is the case with wines in

Found were wines classified as “otzar beit din, regular, some mevushal
and some not mevushal. Even more serious is the fact that entry to the
facility is almost unhindered.

As such, as well as the fact the winery does not have supervision
from a local rabbinate, as required under law, we are therefore
informing the public that the Rabbinate assumes no responsibility for
the following wines and grape juices.
1. Alexandroni 100% natural grape juice
2. Argamon sweet wine
3. Gefen Naot grape juice
4. Gefen grape juice
5. Gefen HaMelech grape juice
6. Kisei Rachamim grape juice

One is advised to visit the website link provided above to see the
actual labels of the products mentioned to familiarize oneself with

Link to Rabbi Kleins letter reporting on his findings -

Rabbi Yaakov Sabag
Chief of Kashrut Division
Rabbi Rafi Yochai
Chief of National Kashrut Fraud Prevention

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