Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Unauthorized Shatnez tester in the "Heights".

The Monsey shatnez Test center continues to deceive the public with their testing. ALL of their tested garments require retesting by a qualified Shatnez test lab. All of the labs affiliated with the International Shatnez testers are qualified.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Cocoa adulterants-

Cocoa and chocolate adulterants: NOTE: The FDA has some tests that can detirmine some of the cocoa adulterants e.g. soy flour
Bulk adulterants:
Arrowroot, wheat, Soy flour, Indian corn, sago, potato, tapioca flour, chicory
Color adulterants: Venetian red, red ochre, iron compounds

Friday, March 12, 2010

*Tevyas Ranch- Bet Yosef? No way- Glatt? NO

*Tevyas Ranch which is the Rubashkin brand from (currently) Uruguay. The history of the alledged Rubashkin's switching labels from Glatt or kosher to Bet-Yosef, from kosher to Glatt etc is well known or should be. The Hashgocha of the Rav  leaves a lot to be desired. There are many other reasons to avoid it.

If you wish to avoid "timtum", this is not for you. We are not saying it's treif, as there is a "roiv".
The fact that a Lakewood hashgocha approves it, tells you something about their knowledge in these areas.
Should you even consider purchasing other beef or poultry products at such an outlet? We would say NO!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Pomogranate, Brooklyn

* *
We wrote to them twice re: if their meat is from USA, Uruguay, etc.
We received no response. They finally responded that it's USA.
We further asked is it all USA?, How about the Deli, Provissions, processed, etc? No response!
They also have Israeli fruits, etc which may have an issue of Trumah, Maasrois, Orlah, etc . There is also being sold fresh herbs & other items that have an infestation issue e.g. dried figs, etc. The consumer can't be expected to check those items.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Shalom Bankruptcy

If anyone knows of any filed information that is not correct, may advise the Court as to the correct information. NOTE: They write there are no assets at all. There are buildings, campuses, houses that were transfered recently. Other monies that were received by prefered creditors, etc

Kashrus in Israel

Who paid the Mashgichim? Straus. (why?)

How many mashgichim were paid? Only 1 full, 1 part timer. Was that sufficient? NO.

Hashgocha received no compensation only some free milk for the kolel.

Were all of the veterinary procedured cows removed? No. Why not?

Was milk brought in from other unsupervised dairies as well (up to 49%)? Why?

Tuesday, March 02, 2010


The Rav Hamachshir believes that the insects can read the packaging.
BTW- The packaging is very deceiptive, "no checking necessary, אין צריך בדיקה" appears next to the Hashgocha. In some other print it says something about washing which the consumers don't read that part. Anyways it does not come off even after washing.
The whole heads of Romain Lettuce being distributed by the Bodek company is infested, washing per directions does NOT remove all of the insects. Therefore should NOT be used.

Monday, March 01, 2010

All year & Pesach concerns

QUINOA- Is considered by most as kitnious.
SAUERKRAUT- Is shredded straight from the field not even washed, some were checked & found to be infested. [Rav Vaye said,It does not disintegrade in the brine]
WINEs- With Lubavitch (meshichistim) Hashgochas should not be used. NOTE: R' Weismandel uses meshichistim for wine & shoichtim, therefore another reason not to use his wines, shechitas, products.
Liebers products- Utilize R' Weismandel's Hashgocha.
Kedem, Herzog, Gefen, Glick, MZ, etc are all the same.
Machine Matzo ovens are the typical "cracker-oven" and is a concern for pesach matzos & should not be used, including SPELT matzos-regardless of the Hashgocha on the package.
Strawberries ALL- (Infestation) May only be used after peeling. Jelly can be used, Jam should not be used, preserves-if no seeds.
Cottonseed oil- CRC certified (allegedly) produced a cootonseed oil with kitinious based citric acid for Pesach. The oil is used in numerous pesach products by other Heimish hashgochas, e.g. Mayonaise. Check with certifier if they used it in their product regardless if it's botul "it's a preservative" at least. NOTE: Many of the holding tanks aren't even cleaned from the previous products' residue, forget about kashering.
Additives- Vitamins, beta-carotene, etc was commonly not used for Pesach by many of the Heimish Hashgochas. מה נשתנה this year? עבדים היינו!
MEAT-Teva's Ranch has serious issues, The owner, the Hashgocha, The treifahs, etc, therefore it is Not reccomended even during the year.