Sunday, July 17, 2011

Does your beef shechita comply with the Shulchan Oruch?

Update: We spoke to Skver Hashgocha re: Solomon/Fishels, they are trying to get a waiver from the USDA.
Re: Alle, We wrote to the Rav Hamachshir 3 times & did not receive ANY response.

We may not leave the animal or it's lungs by the Goy prior to it being inspected by the Bodik chutz. Even "bi'dieved it's not permitted, if that is the normal standard way it's considered a "mai'zid".
שולחן ערוך יורה דעה סימן ל"ט סעיף י"ז, ש"ך מ"ג-

Genearlly in the slaughter houses the USDA inspects the lung before the bodek chutz, which is "ossur". Check with your Rav Hamachshir to ascertain what is the heter? and yet more why aren't the kosher consumers made aware of this fact.

We think Rinse N Chill may have to be instuted in a more controlled method.

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