Monday, July 11, 2011

Posek Hador-Final "PSAK" Re: Fish anisakis

Rav Eliyashev recently told Reb Yudel Shain "one may not rely on  that certain American Rav's  HETEIRIM including the heter of the operated cows that they aren't a treifah". Rav Eliyashev said further the cows are to be considered a treifah & anyone farm that doesn't remove them from the herd, you may not use the milk as it's "cholov Treifah". Rav Eliyashev would like to tell this personally to the "OU" and their Poiskim.Rav Eliyashev said the reason he addresses it as "heteirim' not a psak is because that Rav's Heteirim are based on flawed facts & flawed Halacha.

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