Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Another reason, one should insist on a "skin-tab" for frozen filet fish

UPDATE- We gave a hashgocha at a bar mitzvah this past week, we insisted on Tilapia with a skin-tab & NO Heimish HASHGOCHA on the box.

We wrote to Dagim, received No response nor acknowledgement.

TILAPIA fish-Frozen, skinless filet, with 2 prominent kosher certifiers
 International & Heimish Hashgochas.

Production date: "19 04 2011" (first day pesach?, ys)

Some of the production was done in June 2011, the prices are cheaper for April product. The importer is interested in $$$ bottom line. The Chinese took them knowingly for a ride.

The Mashgiach didn't "chap" the game, One supervised box for every 3-4 boxes from April that were unsupervised.

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