Monday, March 18, 2013

Reliable source for Bais-Yosef beef

A Reliable source for Bais-Yosef beef is
SOLOMONS & Fischels. It's under the hashgocha of New Square Bais din. It's strictly North American beef.

Alle / Meal Mart has changed their Bais Yosef standards in their beef.

The  NPGS / Lakewood Co-op's beef, even though much of it is labeled as Bais Yosef,  should not be relied upon to be Bais yosef.


R' Yudel gets results said...

Solomon's fixed the blister packed deli so that the face does not peel off anymore

Anonymous said...

Larry Gordon's daughter married the son of Franklin from Pelleh Poultry.

Even mishpocho has to pay Larry to get an ad in the paper or else why isn't 5 Towns Jewish Times blanketed with Pelleh advertisements? I don't think there has been a single ad in the paper from Pelleh ever.

Is Rubashkin paying up front for all the ads from Agri and now Tevya's?

Fresser said...

Is Pelleh the only operation that is shechting pigeon, otherwise known as squab?

Shatnez said...

Suit stores are pushing that Lee Ave shatnez is reliable according to Rav Belsky & R' Dovid Feinstein.

If you still insist you don't want Lee Ave they send somewhere in Lakewood by Fedex.

I asked who gives hashgocho to the lab they use in Lakewood so they called the lab who said Rav Forscheimer gives the hashgocho.

I might be mistaken but I think the suit store said the Lakewood checker's last name starts with a K and sounded familiar. I just remembered that someone in Monsey with that name was accused of not knowing how to check. Does he have a Lakewood branch and would Rav Forscheimer really give him hashgocho?

Gringo said...

NPGS is touting that they only use Alle North America, not South America.