Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Why some Heimish hashgocha claims to be the best Hashgocha? "Attributes"!!

1-They claim the new company with pre-washed Romaine, Lettuce, Cabbage is Green-House grown, ........Hashgocha knows it's not true-It's market product.

2- When others ask the Mashgiach "is any of the chocolate Blommers"? He is told by certifier to lie and say NO. The mashgiach wants to know, "is you concern milchig, lechitin or other kashrus issues? Really all of them is the concern.

3- Make a PESACH production of oil, and the mashgiach forgot to go to the production. Hashgocha doesn't know which citric acid was used, Chometz, kitniyous, or pesachdik.

4- Heimish certifier  themselves don't use their own "broineh zeklach of salt & sugar for pesach". Domino sugar and Diamond crystal salt is just fine for them for pesach.

5- Heimish hashgochas are fine with OU oils from any of their plants. Heimish hashgocha is very comfortable with the OU Palm oils shipped in holding tanks, etc with no mashgiach.

6- Pretzel in Pesach potato chips?

7- Shufra Pesach adulterated cocoa powder from China, No mashgiach at production in China, No mashgiach at packing that was done at a packer that also does chometz.


Anonymous said...

the lettuce is made in greenhouses in california

Anonymous said...

5 Towns Vaad is giving on romaine for Pesach that is "greenhouse grown" and requires only some light washing - supposedly no checking is required according to the Vaad's label.

Is this another bogus heter from the OU that the 5 Towns shul rabbis are forcing down R' Yosef Eisen's throat?

hot under the collar in crown heights said...

you should see how combative the staff of don yoel levy are getting if you dare make a comment about the shufra scandal. don't confuse them with the facts like how rav gruber dropped the company. they only stop to listen for a second to see how much of the scandal you know about before they give you heck and deny everything

Anonymous said...

npgs is one huge money sucking business from the poor chosheva yungerleit, its exactly like the following case: guy opens a business selling tefilin in town with a big shop with huge advertisments saying best batim, best leshmo, best this and best that and also no one else can really sell cheaper in town. someone should stone zeev and his false PR hogwash

Anonymous said...

Who says Zeev is hog wash maybe Yudels is the hogwash????

Anonymous said...

25 years ago a Sachdis bakery in Boro Park was caught by Litvishe yeshivaleit baking cheese items in the same oven, at the same time, as challos.

Rabbonim went to Glick who would not provide any feedback as far as what safeguards & discipline were carried out, if any.

Dee besteh hashguche has the besteh ego. Me darft nisht farentferen Litvishe nobodies.

Romanisher Gypsy said...

"Me darft nisht farentferen Litvishe nobodies"

That's why the Galitzianers keep telling Hertz Frankel to stop being a servile little toady of Satmar because Satmar will never hold in high esteem a Galitzianer.

Anonymous said...

Just a comment, neither the cocoa nor the potato chips was Sachdis hashgocha.. Both products are certified year round by sachdis, and for pesach they both have different hashgochos.