Monday, April 08, 2013

'Tis the Season- California cellery have leaf miners

'Tis the Season- California celery have leaf miners. Out of 2 cases of celery there were 85 stalks with leaf miners. The Leaf miners are found in the outer darker green stalks. Their tell tale trails is a somewhat wavy translucent  trail.

Update: Blueberries were found to be infested regardless from what part of the USA or Canada they originate from. We recently checked with a company that produces Blueberry filling with a hashgocha their process. They use "wild blueberries" ( Cultivated blueberries have somewhat less infestation). They have the Mashgiach check them for infestation (and never found any blueberries that are infested). They cook it with water for a while then add the thickening agent. We were not able to justify using the Blueberry filling.

There was a large fish monger operation in the Boston area under a Hashgocha, but did not have a mashgiach on premises. The Certifier was questioned "how do certify a skinless fish operation without a mashgiach on premises"? He responded that he visits a few times a year and he has a special battery operated WAND that he passes over the tanks of fish, if there are any non kosher fish IT BEEPS!

He was asked how do you know it works? He responded "it never beeped"!!!


Anonymous said...

Does Rav Beck still certify Wilmark that is largest supplier of blueberry fillings & preserves or is it only under OU that the company was bought by food giant VIP?

Anonymous said...

Can R' Yudel explain how the Badatz of the Edah Chareidis is certifying Oppenheimer's chocolate covered raisins?

Maybe it wasn't choyzek when Gavriel Finkel said he had a special supply of non-infested raisins?

Anonymous said...

As long as the Queens Vaad is still getting their fee this shouldn't be a problem

Nassau County District Court - 1st District
Index Number: LT-001265-13/NA
Case Name: Merrick Shopping Center Inc vs. B & G Glatt Kosher Meat Inc, DBA The Kosher Emporium of Merrick
Case Type: Landlord and Tenant

Anonymous said...

The Queens Vaad is loaning B & G money in order to pay Merrick shopping Center.
All the Queens Vaad needs is some co-signers from Metropolitan Avenue. the number one co-signer is some one 'toit meshugah' like you.