Friday, April 12, 2013

To Kosher or not to Kosher?

The new owners "Shlomo Rechnitz" decided to kosher the entire operation, even though most equipment was not used hot.

Therefore, everyone should step up to the plate and kosherize their equipment.


Anonymous said...

Rechnitz had to do a verbal dance as to why he is kashering so that he doesn't make his shver look like a fool.

Anonymous said...

The chain of pre-schools in Queens under the hashgocho of Rabbi Nissanov has one branch that is pitched to parents as "yeshivish". Former Queens Vaad President Rabbi Nissanov has no idea what is flying because he never checks anything. Someone questioned the feisty lady who owns the company if they are being mafrish challah for the baking they do on premises. She answers back like you are nuts for asking & denies that there is enough volume to require being mafrish. There is no way that there is not enough volume. She is just covering up by going on the offense. Her family owns a store that is under Queens Vaad.