Monday, October 29, 2012

Lakewood schools officials spent millions in questionable deals
The Lakewood Board of Education’s dealings with some of its largest vendors have been plagued by lax oversight and questionable contracts over the years, an Asbury Park Press investigation has found.

In one case, the school board paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for grounds-keeping and school custodial services — before work was done.

In another instance, the district paid $10,000 to Michael I. Inzelbuch, the school board attorney, for an unspecified reason as part of the sale of a former public school building used for the district’s administrative offices to Beth Medrash Govoha, a prestigious rabbinical college in Lakewood, according to the settlement statement.

In addition, it appears that the school board paid tens of millions of dollars to an educational company that provides nonpublic students with a wide variety of services without anyone in the district verifying the accuracy of the company’s bills, according to the current school board attorney, Stephen J. Edelstein.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Don't get mad

Some people don't get mad, they get even,
Getting even, takes patience.

Cedarbridge- Lakewood's Watergate

Does Lakewood Township notify certain parties who is the one that made an OPRA request & for what documents? is it standard procedure, or only if it's RE: Cedarbridge corruption documents?

Remember the blank sections on the watergate tapes?
Cedarbridge also gives blank CD's to frustrate the Lakewood taxpayers attoneys.
Watergate / Cedarbridge at its best. History corruption repeats itself.

The Traffic Light at Cedarbridge & Pines St (not at MLK & Pine St) is all part of a Watergate operation to cover up the coruption & ilegalities. The sidewalks on the outside of Cedarbridge, etc are also part of the cover up.

Friday, October 26, 2012

ALL Pearled Barley requires checking for infestation

ALL Pearled Barley requires checking for infestation regardless of the season or date codes.
Checkin in cold water does NOT work.
You can do a 1 lb bag at one time, by soaking in tap hot water for 5 minutes and stiring once or twice.
Barley should be stored in the freezer.

Lakewood's WATERGATE? New traffic light on Pine st (in the wrong place?)

What's with A new traffic light on Pine St (in the wrong place?)
Many have asked,
Why at the Cedarbridge entrance not at MLK (where there are traffic jams).
Why suddenly the new sidewalks by an unused Cedarbridge project?
Why an approval to construct an office building after all these years?

AH!, The Township obtained Governemental grants some 10 years ago on behalf of Cedarbridge infrastructure. It's alledged that they were not obtained according to the requirements and a "grant fraud" was committed.There are documents & photos of all the site work over the past few years to show the alledged fraud.

The Township is trying to do a watergate cover-up by all of this site work.

Don't let "KROHN" do the BRIS-see krohn videos

Krohn is not the one in this article- see the following article "Krohn's butchered brisim".

Not Kosher- Brit milah- Hundreds in north may undergo circumcision corrections

Chief Rabbinate to hold hearing on rabbi from Haifa area suspected of not removing entire foreskin during brit ceremony. Following discovery, dozens of concerned parents contact experts to check if their children's circumcision was performed thoroughly. No concern for medical complications

“A man does what he must - in spite of personal consequences, in spite of obstacles and dangers and pressures - and that is the basis of all human morality.”

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

After all, disrespect only breeds more disrespect.

Teaching Respect During Election Time -From the desk of my father, Rabbi Eli Teitelbaum Z"L
Published a long time ago

We live in a very liberal society where the bashing of even our greatest leaders, from the president down , is not only tolerated, but part and parcel of the democratic way. One only has to experience an election campaign to realize the extremes the candidates will go to insult and smear each other in a most sickening manner. There is no effort to seek the truth, as innuendoes, half truth, and mockery are hurled at others at an astronomical speed. No wonder respect for government officials has reached a new low. One cannot erase the memories of all one heard about the winning candidate just because the election is over!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Opinion: The case for transparency in town affairs

Sunday October 21, 2012, 7:00 AM -BY WALTER M. LUERS-The Record-Walter M. Luers is an attorney in Clinton whose practice focuses on OPRA litigation.

THE SUPREME COURT of New Jersey recently wrote that the Legislature, which enacted the Open Public Records Act, “understood that knowledge is power in a democracy, and that without access to information contained in records maintained by public agencies citizens cannot monitor the operation of our government or hold public officials accountable for their actions.”

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Court punts on kosher ministerial exception:by The HR Specialist: Florida Employment Law on October 21, 2012 1:00am

 Human Resources,Overtime Labor Laws -Under Title VII, religious institutions that employ workers to engage in religious activities are exempt from complying with anti-discrimination laws under the so-called ministerial exception.

That is, employees performing religious services such as preaching or teaching religious doctrine aren’t covered by Title VII. Employees who perform nonreligious work are protected. But what about minimum wage and overtime? Are ministerial employees entitled to protection under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)? A federal court in Florida recently sidestepped the issue.

Friday, October 19, 2012

UPDATE: MealMart/Alle, Empire & Aarons (see NOTE)

Empire, MealMart/Alle have a dilemma "in the eyes of the Kosher Consumer" are the kashrus standards being raised or lowered? They will have to leave it to the capable Rabbis, namely Alle's Rabbi Jacobowitz & Empire's Rabbi Rokeach.

And the kosher consumer will decide.

We have recently offered $3,000.00 for anyone that can tell us any significant kashrus difference between the MealMart/Alle & Empire chicken.-NO ONE CLAIMED THE BOUNTY!

The problem Of Tzomes Hagidin (which is a TREIF issue) was addressed in a previous article re: Empire, MealMart/Alle V Aarons poultry (Aaron's does not have any of those issues). Many have therefore lately switched to the Aaron brand of poultry.

NOTE: We aren't advocating for anyone, just presenting the behind the scenes facts, not theories.
For those that asked re: Aaron's Lubavitch.....One thing is clear there aren't any meshichistim there anymore, under the previous it was full of meshchistim.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

A true Rebbi "Threw him out of yeshiva"


In response to the dilemma regarding throwing boys out of a yeshiva, I have a story to relate.

After completing 11th grade, my son, Yanky, was not invited back to attend his well-known Yeshiva for the 12th grade year. It is now five years years later, and I stiil think that he doesn't even know that he was "kicked out."

Sunday, October 14, 2012

UPDATE: Get your non-kosher "TREIF" vegetables in Boro Park, etc


Get your non-kosher "TREIF" vegetables in Boro Park, etc with the Yoka & or Rapport Rav hashgochas.
Call the Non-Kosher "exclusive" distributors  J & R  and Braun Brothers.

All Rabonim in Boro Park are allowing it, join them in eating vegetables with INFESTATION, full of protein.

[Footnote: It's alledged that some Satmar moisdois in Willy & some stores also allow the J&R, Braun Brothers, Dole infested vegetables, etc. If anyone has more info, please let us know at] למיחש מיבעי

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bodek had fresh product on Isru-Chag?

Bodek had fresh product on Isru-Chag? How?
Unless they worked on Chol-Hamoed for after Yom Tov.
We know the OU doesn't allow that.
We don't know how Bodek's other certifiers allow to work on Chol Hamoed?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

"Oi Vei"- All N. American blueberries (including Canadian) are infested

All blueberries (including Canadian) are infested. Evn after soaking & rinsing 4 times, they still had infestation.