Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Kashrus Alert: Correlle dishes

Kashrus Alert: 
Correlle dishes are coated with some unknown substance which may contain non-kosher ingredients. 
The Correlle Company is not divulging the information.


Anonymous said...

Details please?

Anonymous said...

I just purchased my CORELLE. Why does the surface feel sticky or greasy?
CORELLE is coated with a clear & harmless coating spray at the last process to avoid any damage from glass-to-glass contact during shipping. Please wash the new CORELLE in warm water before using to remove the protective coating.

So it seems that if you follow the directions, there is no kashrus concern either. (Is there any reason to believe that it's sprayed hot? Or that the spray is even edible?)

Anonymous said...

Why do you say that the coating is not a problem? Correlle does not want to divulge the info.

Perhaps it's put on hot, is definelty edible.

In The meantime Don't purchase the Correlle dishes, so say my Rav.

Anonymous said...

What about old corelle?

Anonymous said...

TO: Rabbi Y. Shain

Since you are involved in inyanei kashrus, I would like to bring to your attention a matter that involves a food product. It is not about the products’ “glatt kasher” but about its “glatt yashar” standard. Glick’s produces a 4-oz. snack-size potato chips year-round (not to be confused with their special Pesach production). Each of these bags, and we have bought many of them, is only a quarter, or at most a half, full. This is not due to the settling of the chips or anything of the sort. These bags were simply never filled with the amount that they are supposed to be filled with, as stated on the package. It is outrageous that a company that prides itself on high kashrus standards would stoop to literally cheating the customers of quantity in order to maximize their profits. Indeed, their “glatt yashar” is sorely lacking. This problem is not limited to Glick’s, as others have gotten similar ideas. Golden Fluff potato stix also barely fills their snack size bags – again, not because of settling, they simply don’t fill it as they should.

It would be a ‘tovah’ to the consumers, and even more so to the companies who need to correct this error, if you would please publicize this problem.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

It's glass clean it off with soap and fine?!

Yudel Shain said...

It's supposed to be filled by "weight" not volume. Check the weight and advise.