Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Agudah's Hospice?

Reb yudel,
Your not going to believe the story I heard today November 19th, 2013,(by chance from somebody who's a Philadelphia Talmid and doesn't know I'm fighting HOSPICE):
R S..... ....... went today to be menachem avel someone in Philadelphia who's father passed away. The daughter was saying "it was really very good how hospice took such good care of my father..........".
R S.... said " you mean to say you starved your father to death?????????"
She said "no, we took very good care of him etc."
R S.... repeated himself "you mean to say you staved your father to death????????"
R S.... wasn't the daughter who had no answer got up & stepped out!!!!!

And.... R S.... ....... is on the Agudah , who supports HOSPICE?!?!!!!?

What a story!!!!!

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