Monday, January 13, 2014

Heimish Hashgochas using Blommer's Chocolate Dairy cholov akum "treif"

Kashrus Alert: Heimish Hashgochas using Blommer's Chocolate Dairy - cholov akum? "treif"

Blommers Chocolate (E. Greenville, PA) was kosher certified Parve for many years by the "OK Labs"now Star-D

Others were uncomfortable with blommer's for many years and considered Blommer's as dairy "cholov akum".

Hisachdus CRC, among other heimish hashgochas allowed it to be used as Parve, when it should not  allowed it because  of cholov akum (treif). It's still being used by their certified establishments as parve.

Note: Reb Moshe Feinstein has a Teshuvah that the operated cows [4-8%] are "treif", therefore the heter that others are relying on on Reb Moshe is a falacy.


Anonymous said...

yodel what the h... r u talking about? have u ever been to the plant? I have and its a total separate line. I don't work for OK and im not a fan of them by any stretch of the imagination but u simply don't know what ur talking about. OK has plenty of problems that should make one wary of them but this is not one of them.

A Hershey's mashgiach who cares said...

Yudel, is your beef altz koshering with chocolate? Otherwise, undeclared ingredients can put companies out of business if someone with allergies goes into anaphalactic shock chas veshulem.

Anonymous said...

Why do houses with a value of 300,000 remain assessed at 100,000 in Forest Park? Perhaps if Forest Parkers paid their fair share of property tax the township would be able to afford to put up a desperately needed traffic light in that area?

Shifty Shufra said...

Does this use OK's cocoa from China that had no mashgiach?

Maybe OK-P is a Passover designation?