Sunday, April 27, 2014

Kashrus Alert: Costa Rican meat being passed off as kosher certified

There is Costa Rican beef in the USA being passed off as kosher certified, yet there are no labels, seals or anything else indicating that it's indeed kosher certified.

Rabonim instructed them to "kasher" their keilim.


Anonymous said...

Where, when, who ?

Spotlight on the Queens Vaad said...

They should hook up with those middlemen truck drivers farkoyfing Rubashkin / Tevya's who make up any label they want. Nisht nor it was good enough for the Queens Vaad but the VHQ applied pressure to buy it.

Anonymous said...

The only ones 'farkoyfiong' 'shtusim' and 'luckshin' is the 'blindeh' who thinks that if he 'turns on his 'pee ha'ason' a light will go on.
'Ah aisel' stays 'ah aisel'.

NEBACH on a yiddishe Neshamah.

Anonymous said...

R" Yudel and the readers should know that a rov heard about these rumors with the trucks in Queens a few years ago so he called up Rav Weissmandel to ask him if it is true. Rav Weissmandel told him that he takes achrayus for the trucks. But the rov is still bothered because it seems there is too much room for something bad to happen. Unmarked trucks showing up randomly to peddle meats at stores & caterers, printing up invoices with any information they want. What kind of oversight is that? The same kind that produced Moishe Finkel?

Today it is calling names of "ason". Yesterday it was attacking R" Yudel for 8 years until he was vindicated.

Anonymous said...

Isn't meal mart the only one that has a costa rica shechita?

Who delivered it to the end user establishment? It must have come together with other hopefully reliable simonim.

It does smell from the head, the system of kashrus is based on strictly money & more money.

Anonymous said...

What does the ou say to all of this?

We never heard of these scandals by hebrew national, it's a sofek of glatt, bais yosef, etc but not outright treif.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who buys ANYTHING without a hechsher is on his own to begin with. He no right to blame ANYONE except himself.
People selling off "unmarked trucks" has nothing to do with anything. If it is sealed and with a hechsher its OK. In our Shulchon Arauch it says nothing about trucks having to be markrd.

Then again on Metropolitan Avenue they have other rules. They also use special high wattage bulbs as in 'brain storms'. Oh well.

Fiddler on the roof said...

To Mon 3:56 PM

Since when is all of Tevya's meat in "sealed" packages?

Mertopolitan said...

The only place where all the meat is in sealed packages is at Rosenblum's on Lefferts Blvd in Kew Gardens.

That's the place where all the Queens Vaad machers like to shop for convenience & billigeh prices even though the store doesn't pay into the Vaad extortion racket and they otherwise preach to the oylam that everyone has to have a "community" hashgocho (code word for Vaad).

Practice what you preach

the queens fools said...

There is only ONE store in ganz qveens where no one knows voos titzich. the can go far a shloff far ah pur shoo and ver veis. Alle kimmen tzee loifen mit faemachteh oigen and koodoish yoimru loy. All is fine and dandy, holy and pohly. Just drop the cash and we will tell you how cheap our stuff is.
In all of the the world kosher is expensive but for the blind leading the blind to be kooshe miz min zahn billig billig billig.
Yeh right. Uh'hu.

KG said...

How much is Queens Vaad charging Odradek Cafe? I was wondering why they charge $9 a sandwich to slap a bissel cheese & tomato on bread.

No extra charge for the goyishe live music on certain evenings. Noch a accomodation that the Queens Vaad makes to their modern orthodox constituents while pretending to be the hashgocho of bnei Torah in Kew Gardens.

Anonymous said...

Odradek wants to open a second restaurant at the Ave J train station in Flatbush.

Is Moishe Scheinerman going to shrey against their goyish music from the bima kedarkoi or is he going to be shtill if Kehilla Cash-ru$ gets picked over Rabbi Goldberg?

Anonymous said...

"miz min zahn billig billig billig"

Vos mer billig when the guy who said this went on a spending spree with his Chase credit card and then simply didn't pay the bill, or at least until the bank sent Palisades collection agency after him.

And maybe he can explain why he defends Queens Vaad to the hilt except when it comes to Meal Mart on Main St and maybe one other place?

Anonymous said...

Just was at yiddeshe, heimishe (Metropolitan level
!!!????) Chasineh and they played the 'horse racing' introduction to bring in the 'heiligeh' choosin-kahleh.
That vildeh noise they clopped for 5 to 7 minuets sounded like a 'zoi.....she' club - Rachmanah Litzlahn -. All that was missing was the maidl....

These are anti Queens Vaad Menchen.
Rosenbloom shoppers.
Unfortunately the caterer was NOT a Queens Vaad caterer. otherwise the Kranke Neshamah 'volt shoin gehacked deh chainik' again.

Lefferts said...

Vos redstu shtussim? You can't compare a goyish tune without words played by a heimish orchestra to live music with words played by a goyish band at the Queens Vaad fress gesheft.

There are chassidishe niggunim that were adopted by Rebbes from goyim with the words switched.

Anonymous said...

Wed Apr 30, 10:36:00 AM 2014

Mir hauben ah Kabboh'leh fin K'vod K'dishas the Metropolitan Rebbe (with the new building) that there is a special curse if one speaks about Meal Mart.

Thats why the Holy Light got Krank.