Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Urns- אין צריך טבילה?

Urns- אין צריך טבילה?
There was an article in a recent kashrus currents re: the Urns that state it does not require Tevilah. The article addressed some concerns and suggested that there may be acceptable reasons why it does not require tevila (connected to the ground with the electric cord).

Reb Moshe Feinstein, and the Chazon Ish, Z"L say one should not eat at a restaurant or caterr that does not toivel his utensils.

Reb Moshe says that one may remove the solid food and put it on the table and eat it (the food does not become Ossur), but not eat it straight from the plate, a soup or tea can't be consumed.

The Urns are manufactured in the Peoples Republic of China. The Rabonim and the importer work out a contract that provides among the following; the materials are purchased by the Jewish importer, the workers are paid by the importer, all of the manufactures overhead is paid by the importer, the facilities are leased to the importer, etc.

The contract is written in English. In the Peoples Republic of China, only a Chinese contract is enforceable, an English one is non enforceable. Therefore the heter of not toiveling has no basis. That would include the disposable aluminum pans.

May one rely on those that consider the Urn attached to the ground? and that one does not drink directly from the urn but puts the water in a cup (the water does not become ossur). Aluminum pans, may be used one time without tevila according to the Minchas Yitzchok & others. The Chinese ones are very thin gauge and can't be used more than once.


Anonymous said...

Oh now he's an expert on Chinese contract law. Too bad toisfos wasn't so knowledgeable when discussing uman koineh bishvach kli.

Anonymous said...

Rav Yudel, in Lakewood bakery they probably would not throw out these matzos

Anonymous said...

Interesting enough, Rav Belsky maintains that those urns made in china and come with a hechsher require tevilah. As the contract as noted above is non enforceable. He personally purchased such a urn with hechsher and toveled it with a brachah.

Anonymous said...

Interesting enough, Rav Belsky maintains that those urns made in china and come with hechsher require tevilah with a brocha.

Anonymous said...

I have personally witnessed Rav Belsky purchase such a urn with hechsher in the Buzz. And he toveled it with a brocha at the store.

cow prod said...

Who cares what Belsky does when he has no neemonus in gittin, protecting children from rodfim, protecting veiber from menuvolim (veyesh omrim kashrus)?

Zoylayl veSoyvay said...

Yudel, check out the latest kashrus scam taking place in Pomegranate of Flatbush. In order to veiter impress that they have the ultimate experience in gourmet fressing, they are selling wild salmon that they claim the worms have been removed by the mashgiach from Babad. (Kehillah doesn't care about worms anyway because they go like Belsky).

The problem is that even though the mashgiach is takke taking forever to look for the worms, he is only checking in the belly area, when the worms are present in other areas of the fish as well!

Anonymous said...

You're implying that the article says it's okay to rely on the shita that plugged-in appliances don't need tevilah. IT DOESN'T SAY THAT! It says that "most contemporary authorities disagree" with this p'sak, and the footnote quotes the Shevet HaLevi shlit"a who calls this shita "hevel u'reus ruach"! Please change the language of your post.