Thursday, January 08, 2015

Alert: Chicago definition of "milk"

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) -

Speaking of animals, another new law expands the definition of legally saleable milk to include milk from sheep, water buffalo and other hooved animals. 


Anonymous said...

The camel & the chazir have hooves.

Anonymous said...

So filter it.
There are no tiny black spots, so that's OK.
All the usb microscopes don't show any bugs or pieces. So what's the problem.
All the animal are hooved so even if some are not maaleh gairah we still can use "Roiv" .So that's out of the way.
Just to back yourself up, send a 5T delegation to Israel and it'll all be OK. ( Don't forget the video and a "Talmid Chacham").
Shoin. Alles Gitt.

Anonymous said...

Here is the latest: (From the 5T).

Its all right to not filter your OJ as long as the Jew lights ths fire NOT through a pilot light or NOT by lighting the fire and keeping it on for a few days at a time.
Its all right to not filter your OJ as long as long as you get jobs for Jewish boys.
Its all right to not filter your OJ as long as you keep ALL chumeras from ALL Rishonim, Achronim and todays Poskim. Even if the Shulchan Aruch and the Ramah say its ok.
Of course, this is only for Orach Chayim and Yoreh Deyah. In Even HaEzer and in Choshen Mishpat there are other rules. There the minhag hamakom rules (special rules for "gender-less" meets)

Anonymous said...


Moishela, a handicapped child, has been begging Jews for the longest time, to come and live in Israel!!! because the rest of the world is dangerous for Klall Yisroel

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Gut Erev Shabbos May Hashem have mercy on us.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
The camel & the chazir have hooves.

Thu Jan 08, 10:09:00 AM 2015

Really? In what universe does the camel have cloven hoofs?

I hope you know Torah she'b'al peh better than Torah She'be'ksav.

I guess if Yudel prints it - it must be right.

Anonymous said...

So, what's the problem? All hooved animals except chazir are kosher, because of our mesorah that they all are ma'aleh geirah besides the chazir.