Friday, May 15, 2015

Update: Kashrus alert: Portobello and exotic mushrooms

Kashrus alert: Portobello and exotic mushrooms are infested, including USA product.
On the portobello mushrooms, the gills on the underside must be scraped and removed prior to use.
Note: There are Lakewood based Rabonim that consider themselves experts in insects, they are advising people that Portobello mushrooms never have insects.


Anonymous said...

Which is standard ou policy for a while now

Anonymous said...

Talk about alter nayess. We've known this for over tzvantzig yohr.

What is a chiddush is that even button mushrooms have been found infested if they are from the Far East which is much of the supply for canned mushrooms. And that even Rabbi Zusha Blech who is not exactly overly concerned about bugs is warning the oylam about this in his column for a Monsey magazine.