Sunday, May 31, 2015

Aleph Institute fund raising activities, scam alert

Do not share any names of  your family, contacts or associates or with any Aleph Institute's associates. They are utilizing the information just to raise funds for their questionable Organization.

Aleph Institute will tell your contacts concocted stories of all of the good they are doing for you and all other inmates, they might believe them. It's a scam to raise money.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure there are ways to check with inmates in a few different prisons and find out what exactly they do for anyone. Seems all we hear is we don't do that we don't do this I can't understand such a big busy organization that no one knows what they do. Will any freed prisoners step forward and tell us if they ever did anything to help you? Or if you asked for help and they refused ( I think we could already write a book about those) all my husband says is they do nothing to help the jewish prisoners. But the rich and famous seem to be in their radar.

Anonymous said...

I think I recognize the guy with his hands covering his face, hey I do know him.

Anonymous said...

They should NOT advertise what the do NOT what they DONT do. False advertising is total sheker. That is what they represent.