Sunday, October 25, 2015


The following article appeared in the past in KASHRUS Magazine  (reprinted with some clarification.)
Catering Standards Questioned? Invited to an affair under the supervision of a Lakewood's yeshiva [BMG's KCL] established  “Hashgocha” , but which was being held in a non-kosher facility, we went into the kitchen to look around and to compare notes with the Mashgiach. we were not prepared for what we found.

More disappointing was it to learn that the “Rabbonim” who certified the  [BMG's KCL]  never visited any of their certified establishments. The affair under their certification which was being held in a non-kosher facility.
KASHRUS recently discovered a number of such organizations where the “Rabbonim themselves have never seen the operation which they certify, but instead rely totally on the head “Mashgiach or on their Kashrus Administrator to make all “halachic” decisions.

This letter, basically unchanged, was mailed to all of the “Rabbonim” in the Lakewood BMG's KCL kashrus organization. As of our printing we have not received any reply. Y W 

Dear Rabbi ........ BS”D

Thursday, October 15, 2015

תושבי ולומדי לייקוואוד -עוד תראו שיודל שיין "צדק" UPDATE

Does a yeshiva that had students take out loans from the Federal program on their behalf (& to be paid back by student not Yeshiva) have a right to change which places the student may study? thereby possibly triggering an early payback? It may be considered מסירה? The yeshiva would have to go to Bais -Din first with each student.

Lakewood only cares about money- The Oilum are just pawns used to help them get it "all on the expense of your backs".

The meager kolel check  is a pay-off to shut-up.
btw-it's your money they got in loans (you are obligated to pay it back), etc and they are returning only some of "your own money" to you.
You will pay it back twice-and you have to grin and bear it.
you are ahead, with no checks, no loans, etc.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Alert: Unger pearled Barley "infested" even when on sale

All Barley must be checked by soaking them for 3-4 minutes in hot sink tap water.
watch them float up

Can't be checked in cold water or visual inspection