Sunday, September 11, 2016

Protect our children-


Anonymous said...

Thank you for deleting the piggybacking organizations that are looking to kasher themselves after the daily churban they have caused on our precious children.

Anonymous said...

Chemed and LCSC?
Hashem protect us from them as well.
They are the problem not the solution.

Monsey said...

It's not just molesters & covering up for them that causes tayerah Yiddishe kinder to go off the derech. The gedolim have also warned regarding selfish yeshiva administrators who refuse to accept children into yeshivos without valid reasons.

Monsey has a much worse problem than Lakewood since there is no Vaad and no one knows the total numbers of yeshiva-less children in each of Monsey's many kehillos.

One of the worst behaving offenders is Yeshiva of Spring Valley. They have stopped taking children into the pre-school even from existing mishpochos with other children already in the yeshiva for years. Other yeshivos in town who look down at YSV will not take the kids either. There are now reports of hurt mishpochos pulling all their kids out of YSV to place them in Monsey's only modern orthodox school. Others end up nowhere & are getting the squeeze from the district school board that public school is also an option. That is the step before Child Services gets involved with threats of removing the children from the parents.

puerto rican chicken (low sodium) said...

what do you expect from ysv when moish finkel was the president? it is a very bad situation when corrupt baal habatim hijack a yeshiva. over a phony excuse they threw out the yeshiva's founding family of r' shraga feivel mendlowitz ztl and replaced his grandson the menahel with an achzar who when yiddishe mammas come crying bitter tears that their children have no yeshiva, the achzar either gives a cold stare or even threatens if they keep coming to cry he will even get rid of the other children already there

other ysv board members after finkel include someone who stole $600,000 from Satmar, a co-conspirator in a ponzi scheme & a pathological liar. no one can run in ysv board "elections" unless these dictators allow you to be a candidate

Anonymous said...

Chemedas mammon LC$C it's all about money . break apart families to receive more patients= More moolah.

Anonymous said...

Wednesday night there was a community event re: Drug and Alcohol Abuse, etc.

The audacity of the ones that were in charge, they put a well known West gate ruv that backs abusers, sycho therapists, breaks apart families, makes sure there is "NO-Achdus" in his community R"l.
They sat him on the Dais next to Reb Usher Chaim Lieberman. Shoimu Shumayim.

NO-ACHDUS" ? There goes the Ruvs Shabbos Shuvah Drusha, that's his favorite topic.
He's a Rodaif as well.

Anonymous said...

It boggles the mind how the Rabbonim can attend an event a sit on a dais while one of the orgs that hosted it calls authorities on innocent fathers, breaks families apart and turns children against their parents.

Anonymous said...

How could the LCRC and Chemed be bringing Amudim, when they are in for the money with the therapists?

How could they have the Ruv from the western end of lakewood sit on the dais (till he answered his cell & left) when he is using therapist & mikva rights to break families? He is against Achdus in families.

Another Ruv up there, also is corrupt with therapists and false shmatas.

Shpring Valley said...

Now that YSV is getting flack for their achzoriyus, they have jumped on the bandwagon of the Lakewood lowlives to also bashmutz Rechnitz.

Anonymous said...

So what's the solution to the problem?

Anonymous said...

This seems to really be a Westgate special!

Anonymous said...

Does Rav Elya Brudny know anything about askanim's relationship with law enforcement. Don't seem like he did his homework.

Anonymous said...

No one cares about children safety this is all about money. This Event Could Have Been Held Years ago. There are other safety concerns about children in other areas but no one seems to care. Torah Umesirah has money for this all of a sudden they are pushing this.

Monsey said...

Anonymous said...

I think you meant "Torah Umesorah". Leave Torah UMESIRAH to the Westgate Maffia - apparently it's their specialty!

Watch out for Lcsc said...

I heard a recording of a conversation that one of the head therapists in Lcsc was having. She claimed that they have seen thousands of children but only had to deal with dyfs three times. The third time was when she falsely called them herself to report on a father in the community. After much agrevation the case was dropped. The therapist lost a case in Bais din and owes the father $35000 which she is yet to pay. So either the abuse issue is overplayed or Lcsc covers up for those they want to protect.

Anonymous said...

Rav Malkiel Kotler was not there...

Torah ohn a Mesorah said...

The Justice Dept calls Platinum hedge fund run by Kosher Delight owner Murray Huberfeld from Lawrence, a ponzi scheme. Huberfeld was arrested after Rechnitz's cousin massered on him to save himself from arrest. Even if there are segments not under the ponzi, anything in the fund has always involved very speculative investments. I don't think charities in NY State are legally allowed to put money there and there is certainly no heter lehalacha for a tzedoka to get to put money in anything highly speculative. Platinum was so speculative that no one independent has ever been able to value it's investments.

Hedge fund firm Platinum Partners, which is being investigated by Brooklyn federal prosecutors, was short on cash and desperately borrowing money in the days leading up to the June arrest of one of its co-founders, documents shows.

Among the people it turned to for cash were Marisa and Richard Stadtmauer, the aunt and uncle of Jared Kushner, according to a document from Platinum’s court-appointed liquidator, a copy of which was obtained by The Post. Kushner is married to Trump daughter Ivanka.

On May 27, Marisa Stadtmauer loaned Platinum $4.1 million, the liquidator said. It got another $6.4 million from Richard Stadtmauer, the brother of Kushner’s mother, Seryl, and former vice chairman of family’s real estate empire, Kushner Companies.

Platinum, which is headquartered in Manhattan, also received a $2.3-million loan from the National Society for Hebrew Day Schools (Torah Umesorah) the same day it borrowed money from the Stadtmauers, the document said.

Rabbi Zvi Bloom, executive director of the national educational organization, did not return a request for comment.

Shortly after the loans were made, Platinum’s co-founder and Stadtmauer’s pal, Murray Huberfeld, was arrested and charged with bribing Norman Seabrook, the head of the NYC prison guards’ union for a $20 million investment.

Seabrook was also arrested and relieved of his post as head of the Corrections Officers’ Benevolent Association.

Stadtmauer didn’t return requests for comment about the money, which was revealed in a court document filed by liquidation firm RHSW Caribbean, which has taken over Platinum’s flagship fund at the direction of a judge in the Cayman Islands, where the fund is registered.

His chances of being repaid are looking slim.

At the time of the loan, the flagship fund — which makes up the bulk of Platinum’s $1.3 billion in assets — had just $68,530 in cash.

The cash pile has since grown to $881,976, RHSW said. Still, it’s not enough to make a dent to the $365 million Platinum ‘s flagship fund owes Wall Street traders and other lenders, RHSW said.

Stadtmauer and Huberfeld’s ties go back more than a decade as investors in NorCrown Bank, a Livingston, N.J., bank controlled by Kushner’s dad Charles.

Their family foundations have donated to each other’s family foundations, including matching donations of $20,000 in 2013, documents show.

Agudah Fresser said...

Is TU's Zvi Bloom the son of Rabbi Shmuel Bloom, formerly the head baal habus of national Agudah?

The elder Bloom was quietly eased out of the Agudah for fighting to the death against anything that might inconvenience molesters. That's why the Agudah suddenly had no problem with fingerprinting teachers & other safeguards against molesters the second that Shmuel Bloom was gone.

Bloom was following the protocols of his "Rebbe" Moishe Sherer, which R' Yaakov Kaminetzky ztl had problems with some of those protocols.

Sherer was mishpocho of a molester who was also an Agudah askan. That molester is outed in the book from a frum MIT professor who grew up going to Pirchei at Agudah Williamsburg.

This was the biggest reason to not allow mention of molesters at Agudah.

Anonymous said...

Torah Umesorah is in "good" company. Kushner went to jail for various frauds & maysim menuvolim which he was machshil people in elaborate schemes altz nekoma. His shvogger Stadtmauer went to jail for assisting in the frauds. Another shvogger who went to jail is grada named Bloom. He is modern orthodox from West Orange but is he mishpocho with yeshivishe Blooms?