Thursday, September 22, 2016

Kosher consumer take heed? and eat only the KOSHER GARDENS or POSITIVE brands

From an Email:

Kashrus Alert:
Stay away from all fresh broccoli & or non-reliable greenhouse grown. period.

Rav Belsky zt"l was against certifying non greenhouse grown broccoli and didn't allow the OU to certify fresh broccoli as their washing it doesn’t bring it down to miyut hamatzut its muchzak be’tolaim

Rav Belsky told me that consumers should purchase ONLY reliable greenhouse grown.

 Now that he has passed away the OU started certifying fresh broccoli. We as consumers are expecting Kashrus standards to be raised to an acceptable level as time goes on but it seems some hechsherim are intent on bringing standards lower.

NOTE: Terras Gardens brand, is sold in the south Florida market at this time


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Anonymous said...

Dear Rabbi Shain,

Someone showed me the quote on your blog of Rav Belsky zt'l. It needs to be corrected.

What Rav Belsky meant was that greenhouse grown produce requires a reliable hechsher, not that someone should only buy greenhouse grown produce with a reliable hechsher. There's a big difference.

National Association for the Advancement of Insects said...

This report is not accurate.

What actually happened is for years the OU did not allow fresh broccoli which was published in their literature.

5+ years ago fresh broccoli started appearing under other hashgochos who follow OU policy. Consumers were shocked & could not believe the secondary parties insisting there was a change in OU policy. It was confirmed verbally by the sneaky OU when pressed. After the OU started getting flak for sneaking in the downgrade, they eventually issued a publication noting they allow fresh broccoli.

Anonymous said...

Rav Shain,
The last comment is imagining what he would have wanted Rav Belsky z"l to say,I hope he's not a non-greenhouse grower.

BUT I heard it straight from Rav Belsky Z"L, he said "don't use the fresh not greenhouse grown". only use greenhouse grown with a reliable hashgocha.






Anonymous said...

The Queens Vaad was not following OU policy even in the old days, despite claiming to the Kew Gardens oylam that they did follow OU policy.

Anonymous said...

Guys read Shulchan ha'levi pg 192. And Rabbi Belsky in yeshiva torah v'daas always recommended that greenhouse brocolli be used with reliable hecsher as a opposed to regular fresh because bugs get stuck in florets and it's impossible to clean most times. You don't need to be a genius to figure out that greenhouse is preferable than regular fresh produce.

Anonymous said...

Actually it was probably Zizkinds fresh broccoli that he uses at home by checking it via placing the brocolli in water and checking the water. Little did Zizkind know that people actually only eat grown house nowadays.

Anonymous said...

A Mashgiach for a certain Vaad in Queens told me on the record we serve kosher gradens brocolli only in all VHQ establishments. Off the record we serve whatever is cheaper and you guessed it fresh brocolli and for those consumers who ask which company broccoli we use we all share one common box an empty container of Kosher gardens brocolli under the counter. Anyone asks just show the same box over and over again.

Anonymous said...

So the VHQ is taking responsibility for this video. I guess we now know how far you guys are willing to go to pose as fake Bedikas toliam experts.

Anonymous said...

Btw, the insect in this video is Aphid and they multiple every 20 minutes so if a small batch like this one had aphids I can imagine what the rest of the lot Had.

Anonymous said...

Yudel I see that postiv/kosher gardens paid you the "ba shmutz" this new company stop being BLINDED BY MONEY!!! The YOM HADIN IS COMING UP!!!! Wake up before it's to late!!!

Anonymous said...

Following shaalah was brought up at the last Rabbinical queens Vaad meeting:

So if Aphids multiply every 20 minutes.
How many aveiros do we get when we eat one of these aphids?
One. Or do the aveiros multiply every 20 minutes as well?

Answer to follow at next meeting

5 Towns said...

The National Association is obviously referring to Gourmet Glatt in Cedarhurst, so let's fill in all the details.

The first broccoli episode even earlier than that was because the 5 Towns Fressers pressured Ratner to cater to their uncontrollable urge to Fress bugs a bee that they can savor the frishkeit of the vegetable. It's very, very teef what a geshmak these feinshmekers have. R' Yosef Eisen had the ability to stop it because it was at the time fort a violation of OU policy.

The Fressers were not about to be stopped by some issur d'Orreisseh technicalities so they went to the source, perhaps with the help of their fraud pulpit rabbi enablers who always hold a gun to Rav Eisen's head, and got the OU to secretly lower the standard. No one could stop the Fressers from enjoying their aphids & thrips after that. Because now if Rav Eisen dares to stop them he is terminated according to the atrocious contract forced on him by the pulpit rabbis, which the adam gadol R' Elya Rominek took a copy to show the gedolei Eretz Yisroel what kind of avlos have "rabbonishe" imprimatur, to paraphrase R' Avrohom Yehoshua, "dorten in America".

Anonymous said...

It's strange the ou would certify fresh broccoli when they themselves certify positiv

Anonymous said...

Oy, Rav Eisen got you fooled also?

He set up all the kulos by the OU.

Still sets up kulos in many areas of kashrus, as he is a "consultan" to numerous kashrus organizations.

Do your home work.

The pulpit Rabbis know good and well what Eisen is all about, they love him.

Rabbi Frost's shul doesn;'t chap this Rabi Eisen is all about.
What a few frumer words can do, a Ramchal, A chofetz chaim etc

Anonymous said...

SO MANY stores in Queens under VHQ were selling unchecked farm fresh broccoli & lettuce all the years that the Queens Vaad is a parsha bifnai atzmah.

Perhaps they are the ONLY hashgocho perceived as reliable by the Oylem Goylem to have NEVER ONCE had a serious policy on bugs that was enforced equally on their accounts.

Anonymous said...

I think VHQ admin is upset because queens consumers have caught his establishments use fresh broccoli. When they claimed it was kosher gardens. Schwatz was sending the same pic of kosher gardens container to multiple consumers and claimed it was from 10 different stores. One container shared by 10 stores. We caught onto the shame when we noticed that all the pics were exactly the same pic with background features. Schwatz didn't have enough brains to realize that all these consumers know each other. What a disgrace to the queens Vaad.

Anonymous said...

There are no 5 towns establishments that use fresh broccoli

Mi ha'ish HeChafetz Chayim said...

The following is Loshon Horah so you can not believe or accept any of it as true.
Today is the Shmirat Halashon's yorzeit.

So many Queens consumers know nothing about Kashrut. How could they know?
Kal Vochomer from the Rabbis.
Mah duch the Rabbi, Who is a RABBI, whose job it is to know and yet he knows nothing about Kashrut!!
Kal VoChome the not Rabbi, Who is NOT a Rabbi and its not his job to know, knows nothing about Kahrut.

That is why the only place in the world where the not kosher internet is full of not kosher complaints, is in Queens. Since no one knows anything about Kashrut, and the complaints fall on deaf ears because the Rabbis also know nothing about Kashrut.
So here in Queens you get the most mileage out of your complains and you look good to the whole Not Kosher internet oilom.


Don't forget:
The above is Loshon Horah so you can not believe or accept any of it as true.
Today is the Shmirat Halashon's yorzeit.