Monday, January 30, 2017

How do the purveyors define "Bais-Yosef" beef?

Is that definition the same as your definition?

In other words- Are you receiving Bais-Yosef as you perceive it to be Bais Yosef?

We believe NO!

Who's that?

We'll explain;


Rubashkin fresser said...

Shoyn alter nayess

Anonymous said...

It's news to me.

How's Solomons bais Yosef?
You have been there and you say it's as expected by the consumer, 100 % bi'saider gamur.
Any changes? let us know.

Anonymous said...

What's this new birdborough beef from hutzen plutz in south America, is any of it bes yusef? or it's sachdus stories?

Is the crew from brazil, argentina, etc?
Who knows?

Did you ever visit their places?

Anonymous said...

Quality-wise the new Birdsboro seems even more rubbery than Alle pastrami but with fancier packaging & a touch of specific flavorings.

Paysach Krohny Watch said...

No article seems to say who the mohel was in the end but this article before the event suggests az esst passt that Paysach Krohn could be the mohel for the grandson of Donald Trump.

Krohn is one of the mohelim who does procedures on goyim, is he not?

Yeshivishe shechita? said...

Nikkur achorayim filet mignon in LA that is also touted as Beis Yosef.

But here's a hint something is suspicious - even Fishbane has a problem with it.

Anonymous said...

Where's Jackabowitz ?!?

Anonymous said...

Never mind what anyone says.
The Sefardic community are licking their shish-kebob fingers.
The 'frimmeh' Ashkenazis have what to hold over the not so 'frimmehs'.
The purveyors are tired of running to the bank depositing their profits.
The bloggers are having a ball deciding if its very Ok, Ok, maybe Ok, not Ok, or very not Ok.
The Commenters have another outlet (instead of shooting people)

So its: Mission accomplished.

Klal Yisrooel shlooft nisht.

Anonymous said...

If anyone happens to ever be in Chicago, ask for the menaker on Clark St. He seems to be the only true Yiras Shamaim left in this business.

Anonymous said...

Of course he's the menaker @ Roseblatt.

Anonymous said...

Rosenblatt ?!? They wish they had him.

Henry Weiss said...

Birdsboro beef is from Solis Uruguay any tazreea metzoiro as long is a chusid qualify. Including some that got banned in the USA or E"Y.