Wednesday, January 04, 2017

There is a brand of olive oil Ptora being distributed in the area which is an Israeli product from the shemita year. It was brought in to Kosher Marketplace but has been withdrawn on my instructions. Poskim in Israel have ruled that returning heter mechira product to distributors does not constitute a violation of איסור סחורה בפירות שביעית.
However there are also people who have an open container and that is a real problem, Shemita produce may not be discarded even though it has been exported to Chutz Laaretz. But possibly it is already אחר שעת הביעור in which case it has to be destroyed. One person told me he has leftover oil in his Menorah from this batch, and now does not know if it should be destroyed or if he must use it.


Anonymous said...

Biur according to many poskim includes One being 'mafkir' the oil in front of 3 people (Not Reb Yudel) and then be zoche it back.
The above is not according to yudel's poskim (Should I say posek??)

Maria said...

ביעור בזמנו מועלת אבל עכשיו כבר עברו ז חדשים משעת הביעור