Thursday, March 16, 2017

Bais Hatavshil / hachnosas orchim di'Lakewood kvias mezuzah- 105 clifton ave Thursday 7:30 PM


New matzoh guy said...

Whose hashgacha ?
Whose meat & chicken?
Whose greens?
Whose yoshon standards?

Anonymous said...

Since Reb Yudel has not responded to commentator # 1 it can be assumed that Reb Yudel approves the "Bais Hatavshil/Hachnosas Orchim Di'Lakewood's Kashrut and Atomsphere.

One would be able to spread this fact in a week or 2 with more no responses.

Anonymous said...

Why are you showing a picture of the Hivnover Rov & the Rov of the Shomer Shabbos Shul putting up Mezuzos in Masbia - Boro Park? Neither of them lives in Lakewood or has a following in Lakewood. What do they have to do with the Bais Hatavshil in Lakewood?

Again, I have to ask, if you don't have any journalistic integrity why should I accept your Kashrus information as being objective, accurate & legitimate?

Anonymous said...

What does anything Yudel posts have to do with reality?