Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Birdsboro poultry is tougher than others because they "don't use hormones, etc"


Anonymous said...

Hmm...Federal regulations prohibit the use of added growth hormones in poultry.

Anonymous said...

Right, and it's prohibited to go through a red-light, stop sign, speed etc.
100's of other items.
They only feed their chicken grain, no meat by products.

Anonymous said...

You think lying and cheating the USDA is the same (or as easy) as speeding and running a red light?

Birdboro does not raise chickens, they are at the mercy of the farms from which they buy birds. They don't have any control of feed, hormones, etc.. beyond what the contract says when they sign it. If they contract chickens that are vegetarian/grain fed, that's what they get. The same is true for most other suppliers.

You think chicken farmers are lying to all the other kosher producers, but not Birdsboro?