Thursday, April 27, 2017

Why was the KAJ / Breur's Kehila the accepted kashrus by all? (as long as Rav Posen was there)

The "secret"?
When Rav Breuer set up the KAJ  Hashgocha, he announced that he is setting it up without any "hidurim or chumras"
only basic kashrus.
The reason? he said was that otherwise you are left with only hidurim and chumras with no kashrus.

No one can accuse the KAJ Kehila's shechita of chasidishe shechita!


Anonymous said...

KAJ shochtim are Chsidishe

Anonymous said...

Who said it was accepted? After the scandel of Mrs. Adlers gefilte fish - no one trusted them anymore.

Now - there are no yekkies running the show.
Also - when they did not protect their own hashgochas and let them go down the drain (LI Glatt) and when they rubber stamped their hashgocha at Agriprocessors without knowing what was going on - only those that don't know the hashgocha field use them.

Anonymous said...

I give credit to KAJ. They were the first and only hechsher to drop Postville. As long as the checks don't bounce, the OU, Star K, CRC Chicago, Chabad, etc. will keep accepting Postville products. Never has a family such as Rubashkin disregarded basic standards of kashrus.

Anonymous said...

The Heimish hashguchas sell the gullible consumer "chumras & hidirim", but no kashrus.
It's money driven.

Anonymous said...

Star K is the Breuer's of the 21st century. They certify Kosher stuff no frummie claim

Pesach said...

There is a problem that KAJ is a little too liberal in accepting certain shechitos, lettuce & herbs.

They do have a maylah though that you can't catch them on anything at Pesach hotels. They do a very good job at Pesach hotels when most other hashgochos are easy to catch with failures.

Anonymous said...

A big cop out that one hashgocho based outside NY does on Pesach hotels: they are makpid that the entertainment, etc, also has to be kosher, like no singers with kol isha allowed. But when they certify outside their home State they are no longer makpid.

Since when is the Torah governed by State boundaries?

Anonymous said...

To the person who is ignorant of the actualities & make blanket statements. The KAJ Shochtim were selected based on their Zehirus in Torah Umitzvos, not on their ability to run a badmouthing blog. The fact is many of the Shochtim of KAJ are Chassidish, but I shouldn't be confusing the blogmaster with the facts.

Anonymous said...

KAJ did not toot their horn with the "Chasidishe-Shechita".
Chasidishe shoichet was not a chisorin.

They looked for erlich, Glatt-yoisher in order to have glatt kosher.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me.

Today, if its not Chasidisheh Shchita you may as well go to McDonalds.

In todays world that is the reality.