Friday, July 21, 2017

Alert: Shabbos Take-Out food-ALL "Take0out food may NOT be heated on Shabbos in ANY method.

Shabbos take-out food may not be heated on Shabbos.

Most items have in each dish items that are not fully cooked.
Uncooked; added water, oil, seasoning, herbs, garnish vegies, par-baked dough, partially cooked / sautéed, liver, meat, poultry, etc

By heating any of those item, one is transgressing Shabbos violations.

The food is not permitted to eat on Shabbos, because there was a violation of cooking on Shabbos.


Pushuteh Yid said...

Whats not cooked ?

Potato Kugel?
Lukshen Kugel?
Yerushalmi Kugel?
Sweet potato Kugel?
Zucchini Kugel?
Chicken Soup?
Corn Beef?
Roasted Potatos?
Pot Roast?


Anonymous said...

Actually many of dishes you just mentioned contain vegetables that are just lightly steamed...Fully cooked? I don't think so!

Anonymous said...

Halacha does not require it to be fully cooked. Stop hocking!

Anonymous said...

Steamed is cooked.

Anonymous said...

Steamed that the vegetables are still crunchy is considered fully cooked?

Anonymous said...

What is the heat needed to make yayin mevushal? Wasn't that pretty low according to R'Moshe Ztzal? Even the Tzelimer didn't go much higher?
My guess is Yudel has a third shita, as he ages he wants his shita to go down as the accepted one.
Yudel ! it isn't happening you need the hasmoda, yiras shomayim, midos & maasim tovim, of those gedolim for a life time to be considered, even more to get the siyata Dishmayo to be considered a third shita.

Anonymous said...

completely cooked as defined in Halacha, means just that "no rare, medium rare, etc.

if some roast, rib, poultry was cooked to 125F internal temperature before Shabbos, one may not put into oven, blech, etc, unless it can not go above that temperature.

Btw- yad soledes is 120F

Agudah Fresser said...

Yudel, you are making life difficult for us Fressers at the Agudah Convention and on the BMG Board of Directors.

And don't start with strawberries & blueberries having bugs. All hashgochos that accommodate Fressers, including KCL, look the other way for us on that. No need to get into this issue.

I mean if this is the kind of gourmet fresserei that we like, how are we supposed to investigate every of many ingredients before we put on the blech? Be reasonable.

Anonymous said...

Only well done Pot Roast on Shabbat.
Very well done.
Only soggy Vegetables.

Frucht Handler said...

Spotlight on Queens AND now lakewood said...

Wed Jul 26, 01:20:00 PM 2017

Surprised the 'Nine Day Fresser' (can't call him Agudah Fresser cause he wouldn't know what goes on there - just like he knows nothing about Queens Vaad) didn't 'drei arein' Queens Vaad and Schwartz.

'Efsher' the 'Kranke' is finally going a bit senile, HaShem YeRachaim.

Hope he still has some time and brains (whats that ??) to do 'T'shooveh' before its too late.

MG said...

Food cooked to 125 degrees F is not cooked. Bacteria does not get killed unless it reaches 130 degrees F and it has to hold at that temperature for a period of time. Cooking to 160 degrees F are completely cooked. Raw liver is cooked to 160 degrees F and is also completely cooked, al pi halacha.

Please post information only if you know what you are talking about. Because you think that you have an opinion does not mean that it is a legitimate. Do it the old way - bring sources that people can follow, tracing back to the Shulchan Aruch, or earlier. Anyone can say that this is Daas Torah. Without sources - it is nicer if you shut up and go away.

I can also say the same thing in Hebrew - it will look nicer and people will swear that it is the truth, even without reading it.

Queens said...

You can't put anything past R' Yudel!

Normally, no one would sell liver that is only partially cooked because it's not kosher.

But R' Yudel knows we have to contend with people who are not normal and who are capable of anything.

Probably the only place in the last 50 or more years that was selling uncooked liver in a take out store was the Queens gesheft tachas hashguchas Chaim Schwartz owned by a yukel from an Open Orthodox house of worship in Great Neck.

This scandal has come up on this website previously. The next thing you knew, Chaim & his batlan OU sidekick came charging in to argue & cover up. Lemayseh, someone drove a car into the store shortly after they were exposed and then the store folded not long after that. The baal habos was grumbling to the newspapers that he couldn't compete with the new Fairway Market nearby. One thing that's for sure is that Queens Vaad doesn't reach the ankles of Fairway kashrus.

Anonymous said...


Just as you all know, it is assur to increase your joy during the 9 days and we should diminish it. Restaurants and caterers look for the 9 days to increase sales in dairy products and people want to 'eat out' and be happier that they do not have to prepare food.

Rabbonim in Eretz Yisroal have assured going out to eat especially in high class restaurants that serve fancier food that you will make in your own houses. Items that you cannot make in your own houses (pizza, falaffel) were also assured. 'The Tesha Yomim are not a time of joy that you would go out with your friends and taka enjoy the food. We must have a sense of loss of the Bais Homikdash because of sinat chinam.

Anonymous said...

Yudel Whats doing with eating "chicken" ??????

Anonymous said...

"One thing that's for sure is that Queens Vaad doesn't reach the ankles of Fairway kashrus"

"Veil es shteenkt dorten by pheh'rvay - oon es shteenkt beim krankeh aichet"