Thursday, July 06, 2017

Lakewood Library V Orthodox Jewish residents

 The Ocean County Library stated  "Ocean County library's long-standing commitment to  diversity and inclusion and that all people are treated with dignity, courtesy and respect." 

 The Jewish community  of Lakewood was founded and, without wavering, lives today under the principles of the Torah, which forbids all homosexual and transgender behavior.  This is hardly  but just another tradition like wearing of a yarmulke skullcap, or even modest dress; but rather at the very core of Judaism.  For the
 Library promote "Pride" in something unequivocally at its root against Jewish ideals, during an area that is overwhelmingly Jewish is a spit in the face and punch to the jaw of the entire Orthodox Community of Ocean County, and so many others too.   Placing a LGBT Pride month in a library in Lakewood is MORE offensive to most of the Jewish community, arguably, than if you placed a Neo Nazi Pride Month in Lakewood, flying the Swastika instead of the Rainbow. 

If you Truly respect all people and ALLcommunities as per your stated claim, you would have never placed and henceforth will cease an initiative in a town that reviles sexual deviance.

 Your "Diversity and Inclusion Initiative" is at best hypocritical or at worse outright malicious.  For the past three plus millennia years no group in the history of the world has been as hated, discriminated,
 murdered as the Jewish people.  Yet the four "focus areas" don't include Jews who abide by their tradition,
 because, as proven by your behavior of  placing this event in the heart of Lakewood, you clearly
 do NOT care about Jewish. While anyone who  glances around the editorial pages of the newspapers
 read by the people of our State, is cognizant that  there is what ought to be termed a cold  war being  waged against the traditional community of all persuasions, yet  might it be said that your goal  is to spread  this
 propaganda to people who do not wish it for their children?

 Parents in Lakewood of all backgrounds are very concerned with trying to raise children to follow their religion, either as we have been doing for eons. Ocean County's library is possibly a subtly anti-Semitic move trying to uproot thousands of years of religious tradition. Presuming  Parents and families do have Rights Furthermore since parents are worried that about the filth that their children will see at the library, you are lessening the educational and learning availability of the Jewish community for use of the library.  Ipso by promoting the Pride month you are making a UNWELCOMING environment to the Jewish community in the
 Lakewood library".

 We kindly therefore suggest you remove religion from your stated goals or  amend it to read "We are a multicultural and inclusive institution dedicated to providing a welcoming environment to all regardless of age, class, gender, ethnicity, mental or physical ability, race, religion- except for religions such as Judaism-, sexual orientation or political affiliation."


Anonymous said...

Lakewood children should regardless not enter the public library, as they get to see Dad's,improper books till they get the "Jewish isle", that has merely a handful of Jewish books.In the past voice of Lakewood, there was an article about a Jewish Library in Lakewood with over 6000 books! From the pictures they posted, it seems a beautiful Library, where the Chinuch from your children won't be compromised! The Library is called: Zichron Yosef Shlomo Library located in Raintree on 1212 Todd Court. For information call 732-886-1154/732-814-4648

Knighted Vorpal Sword said...

Perhaps you forget that the U.S. is not a Jewish country. If you don't like what the public library is doing, feel free not to go, or feel free to move somewhere else. There's no mitzvat ahsay to live in Lakewood.