Thursday, November 02, 2017

אין תולעים

והכורדי אמר אני רוצה להיקבר בגוש קטיף
,,שאלו אותו למההההה בגוש קטיף?
הכורדי אמר ששם אין תולעים


Anonymous said...

they say when ariel sharon evacuated the gush katif area resident the only vegetable left behind was sharon himself as he died being a vegetable,

Anonymous said...

After some routine checking by Reb Yudel it was found that Gush Katif has plenty of 'tola'eem' (in the 'bes HaChayim' for sure).
Only in Mexico - only in a greenhouse 'bes HaChayim' and only if you use Postiv Chevrah will there be no bugs guaranteed.

South of the Lake said...,63943

This restaurant isn't allowed by Gissinger aka Chof K to use Star K vegetables? That's pretty funny considering that Gissinger has done a complete about face (two face) since founding Bodek and started doing zero checking ever since he figured out that in the food service business it will make him a ton of money by eliminating the manpower of bodkim.