Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Brakel bird?

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Anonymous said...

My family has stopped eating chicken
We eat Turkey and Duck and meat and we dont have to worry about the serous problems with the "broiler" chicken produced in secret and cleary a mixed breed both the father and the mother
excellent Brokel breed of chicken was approved by rav Vosner and Rav Zorger supports it strongly
the "Conglomerate" is against any quick solutions ,so they bad mouth Brockelchicen a well researched an excellent solution for all .

Remember it costs today one or two dollars!! to feed amass produced updated " Broiler chicken " in total
because it needs food only for 32 days !!!!!! then is fully grown with meat ! ready to shecht !
What a a marvel for the conglomerates!!!! making money head over heels .
But ten or fifteen dollars to feed a brockel pure breed chicken because it takes five months growing until it is fat enough and is ready to shecht
HOW will; they make money who will buy expensive chickens who will pay the loans ??????