Thursday, August 23, 2018

Sheitel controversy-Meeting by Rav Shterbuch this week, all human hair sheitels/wigs are Ossur

Chainechei Hayeshivas and Reb Mordechai Gross have removed themselves completely from the so "hashgocha on wigs".

Rav Shternbuch says the hashgocha on the wigs is "less than nothing".

Lakewood publications stopped publicizing sheitel/wig ads.


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Anonymous said...

Hashgachas in general, weather on sheitles or food or ANYTHING else is worth less then nothing. If that were not true then Yudel would OUTTA BUSINESS. And we cant let that happen.

Anonymous said...

comments on article "Meeting by Rav Shternbuch etc."
This was all in response to the two careless comments left on
that particular thread. Nonetheless, I deleted the main part of my
intended comment - containing the daas of Rav Elyashiv zatza"l and
other Rabbanim among the Gedolei Haposkim regarding the issue - for
the very reason you cited.

If you would only have seen my original message! With great deliberation I had deleted much of it - and it was in fact not all that easy for me to write in the first
place.(including the comment attributed to Rav Moshe Feinstein zatza"l
some 40+- years ago when human hair began to enter and proliferate the
wig market - he reportedly said, "What can I do to stop this? New
edicts from Paris carry more weight than my psak!!"

Until then it was unthinkable that "yiddishe mammas" would stoop for such a trend.) It's
not that there's anything lacking in my original draft - but rather
that it contains a relatively "harsh" message; and I felt that it
would be inappropriate - and maybe counter-productive to "corner"
people in such a manner.

Regarding your objection - my personal experience has shown me clearly
and inextricably that the poskim who permit are repeatedly resistant
towards any real clarification, and simply "don't want to be
bothered". Sounds like a harsh claim, I know.

So - instead of heating
up the issue any further I will refer those who SERIOUSLY want to
follow daas Torah to the words of Rav Efrayim Wachsman as recorded on
the hotline #(917)9798800 extention #2. Let him explain things calmly
and succinctly!