Thursday, July 19, 2018

KCL -encourages the intermarriage crisis, by allowing Barkan wines-thanks KCL

STOP- Don't use Barkan wines, Don't add to the intermarriage crisis.

The Eidah Jerusalem refused to grant their certification, due to the Ethiopians working there .
According to all Poiskim, the Ethiopians require a conversion aka "Geirus ki'halacha" .

Therefore, everyone stopped drinking the Barkan Wines and are disposing of what they have already purchased. KCL allows Barkan and encourages "Intermarriage".
Yehuda Shain ( Details

I spoke on Tuesday with the OK office in Israel. The conversation went more or less as follows:

What was going on with the Ethiopian employees at Barkan?
"Everyone who works at an OK winery in Israel has to bring a letter from the Rabbanut that he is Jewish and frum."
Then what was the Badatz's problem?
"They wanted the Ethiopians to have a geirus lechumra."
You mean these workers had no geirus?
"I don't know."
What is the OK's policy? Do they require Ethiopians to undergo a geirus before working on wine?
"We don't have a policy. We accepted the Rabbanut's letter."
And what is the Rabbanut's policy? Do they require geirus?
"I don't know. We are still investigating that. We should have the results in a few days."
And what will the OK do if you find out that these workers had no geirus?
"We will convene the OK rabbanim and decide if we will rely on Rav Ovadia or not."
You mean you would rely on him although almost every other Posek disagrees?
"Well, I think some Ethiopians don't need a geirus and some do."
No, every Ethiopian needs a geirus according to most Poskim.
"Oh, ok."

I was incredulous!


Anonymous said...

the barkan importer in a country that is not the united states is a back stabber kapo type which not everyone realizes when they see him give tzedokah (but only where he gets kuved for it)

Knighted Vorpal Sword said...

I davka will bought Barkan last week after the story broke. I will continue to buy Barkan.

Rav Ovadia Yosef ZT"L paskened that the Ethiopians do not need geirut k'halacha. Rav Ovadia is a bigger posek than anyone on the Eidah chareidi-maifia will ever be.

Anonymous said...

Did the sword give Vorpal a lobotomy?

Rav Ovadya is a daas yochid against R' Moishe & everyone else.

Everyone is entitled to make at least one mistake.

How does Rav Ovadya know what those darkies were doing for centuries & who they were marrying?

National Association for the Advancement of Colored Troyben said...

The big machala afflicting the modern orthodox right now as admitted by a rabbi from Ramaz Manhattan is at least 90% of their youth are putting Liberal social concepts of what's "correct" before the Torah, no matter if it's kefira mamash. This even applies to toyavah so avadda they don't care about any halachos if someone not Jewish with dark skin pigment might get offended.

Someone who learned in Lakewood recently figured out a very interesting point. There was a gigantic sonei Torah known as Shmarya, a one time half baked baal teshuva who blogged poison for 12 years on a very busy website. Rechnitz paid a large sum to retire him. Shmarya claimed the reason he went out from klal Amisecha is because he was angry at the Lubavitcher Rebbe for not accepting Falashas as is. What Shmarya did not disclose, as recently discovered, is that Shmarya's sister has shvartz children either from marrying one or through adoption.

Anonymous said...

The gist of the OK/Yudel conversation is that Reb Yudel Shlit'a did not want to hear what they have to say, all he wanted is to tell them what he determined is the Halacha. And then have some more fodder his Holy Holy web site.

Anonymous said...

Yudel, you are off the wall completely.
KCL allows non-mevushal wines with goyishe waiters and goiyshe guests.

and you asking about barkan wines, milchig in fleishig oven, just some bossur biholv issues.

Did the caterer pay his hashgocha fee?, that what you should be asking.

You can Fool Some of the people said...

the above 2:41 pm in a nutshell

The gist of the corrupt 'establishment' hashgocho personalities who are terrified of Yudel exposing them is to muddle the blog with personal attacks & mockery to drown out what Yudel has to say.

Anonymous said...

Update on Barkan from Eretz Yisroel.
1-The Eidah has been certifying Barkan for a year without realizing the issue.
2- The main manager at the actual wine production is an Ethiopian.
3- The manager and the three Ethiopians refuse to do a geirus, they are there for five years.
4- I don't know what the Eidah will do with everything done for the past year.
5- The Eidah does produce on one line now, none of the Ethiopians are involved in that line.
6- The Rabanut is laying low, as it's a legal issue as well at this time.

Anonymous said...

Why doesnt the eida simply go to kedem or anya other company if they arent happy with barkan?
Aldo , the eida is not the only hechsher around for barkan.