Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Re: Is Lakewood's KCL kashrus for Bnei torah

In other words, every agency, organization, and individual out there giving hashgacha should be doing a proper job.

Unfortunately, many are not, even to the point that one cannot eat at establishments that they certify or eat the products that they certify unless the kashrus system is independently verified.

Ubiquitous underperformance, even in bastions of holiness, does not make it more acceptable to do a sub-standard job, but it allows us to be more kind in considering that a deficient agency, organization, or individual is not a standout, but one of many.

The reasons vary: lack of expertise in kashrus systems, lack of management skills, lack of budget, lack of the community’s willingness to properly fund a top-notch, or even Halachically acceptable, kashrus program, misplaced compassion towards unqualified staff, turf wars, negligence, and sometimes even avarice and lack of yir’as Shamayim.

But the consequences are the same: a community unknowingly eats that which is Halachically prohibited, and the knowing of the community are left with no good options and are frowned upon by the unknowing.

May Hashem protect all His children and grant us all to eat properly kosher food.

Kashrus reliability -
 Is the Lakewood Oilum Gullible or just Naïve?

The main difference between naive and gullible is that naive is used to refer to a person who shows lack of judgement or who’s inexperienced in performing some task. On the other hand, gullible is used to denote a person who could be easily persuaded to believe something. Gullible and naive are not the words having exactly same meaning but they could go hand in hand. The matter of fact is, naive will probably make you gullible.


Anonymous said...

One needs to watch what comes out of one's mouth more than what goes in! (Quote attributed to Hgaon Reb Yitzchok Hutner Zt'l)

The truth hurts, Reb Yeedil said...

We know that all the big cities have hashgachas that are flawed. According to Morainee Reb Yeedel - MAJORLY flawed.

Only the one or two hashgachas that help the "consumer Kashrot" make a couple of 'Rubles' 'phaar parnooseh' are OK. And even them not Everything, only the 'stuff' that CK ("consumer Kashrot") needs for his customers who won't live without them (similar to the modern hashgachas whos users won't stand for for the "frummy Rabbi Chimrahs).

So we are all in the same boat - some a bit more then others.

parshas Matos said...


Anonymous said...

KCL is not gullible nor naïve, they are a shrewd mafia, taking protection money from every food place around.

Anonymous said...

This one sounds like the KCL's Mafia.

Israel Police shut down a “protection racket” operating at a parking lot near the Kosel.
During the weekend, the police conducted a focused operation against the collection of “protection money” near the Old City, due to a number of cases reported to the police in recent days, according to which innocent civilians parked in a public parking lot near the Old City of Jerusalem. Persons would approach and demand money to make certain their car was not damaged while parked.

During the undercover operation, police parked a vehicle in a public lot near the Kosel and were approached by a youth who demanded money to ensure the vehicle was not damaged while parked. When the undercover policeman refused, the suspect threw a stone at the vehicle, damaging it. The police placed the 16-year-old in custody. He has already been arraigned and his remand was extended.