Monday, August 12, 2013

Oneg & Schtark cheeses are not recomended

There are two so called kosher cheeses that are made by Oneg Foods. The  packaging is deceptively similar .
Schtark Mozzarella is called Cholov Yisroel and Oneg Kosher Gourmet' Mozzarella Cheese is Cholov akum, hence Cholov Treif.

Therefore it's best not to use any one of them.


Yakov Kirschenbaum said...


The argument "against" shtark is non-existent. The fact that the packaging is similar to Oneg means nothing. This is a non-story.

By the way, also Haoloam and Miller's (cholov akum) have similar packaging and are made at the same plant.

It seems like the kashrus situation is improving from the fact that Yudel has to post things like this and other meaningless posts. Posts are often getting re-posted here as well, due to lack of substantial kashrus news.

No news is good news

sass said...

Rabbi Shain,

I'm sorry but a post like this is unacceptable.

Al pi halacha - Shtark cheese is 100% good. You're trying to say "not recommended" because of the packaging!!!??? Show me where in halacha there is sucha thing that a food is "not recommended" because the package "looks like" the package for another food. Are the consumers stupid? Can they not read?

You're not a chassidishe rebbe and you can't go around making up your own issurim.

This issue is a non-starter.

Anonymous said...

לפני עוור is not a mitzvah, it's an aveira. These stores should not be carrying those deceptive products.

Anonymous said...

Rav Yudel Shain, Is it possible that in kashrus speeches there is deception also? It's hard to accept.

I and others have seen and heard it ourselves. A very prominent individual in the kashrus field for many years gave a tour and a speech to a group of kolel fellows.

The speaker claimed that his mashgichim ALWAYS remove the backs of ovens (where the fan is) and clean those areas & the fan.

We checked and the facts were not so.

He also claimed that he does not allow kashering of dishwashers only in very rare cases. We checked on that also, and it just wasn't so.

There were many others broad statements that he said, which we doubt if it was anything but.

What a let down to the kolel fellows.