Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Mashgiach's nightmare in Long island

A Mashgiach's nightmare in Long island. A private hashgocha was hired to oversee a wedding in a Long Island Synagogue that was under a Hashgocha from Brooklyn. The mashgiach sent in a list of requirements to the non-Jewish owned caterer a month prior to the affair. The mashgiach was somewhat surprised not to receive a call re: some of the requirements.
The mashgiach called the caterer "did you receive my list? yes, everything is all right, we'll comply with everything". (the Mashgiach knew he's in trouble)

On a Sunday morning at 8:00 AM the Mashgiach arrives & is welcomed by the Brooklyn based Hashgocha's mashgiach (the only Jewish employee). He's shown around & asks a few questions e.g. Is this the regular wine they use in the kitchen? Mashgiach says yes, they love the taste. Why are you asking? Because I see they are using non-mevushal wine in the kitchen?

It went from one problem to the next, Bishul akum, products, pas palter, etc NOTE: This was supposed to be a sephardik bishul yisroel affair.

Finally the caterer had their fill from not being able to comply with even basic kashrus. The Boss arrives at 10:15 AM an slim Italian in a 3 piece suit, etc. He introduces himself to the mashgiach of the affair, "you are disturbing my employees from producing a contracted affair" and he opens partially his jacket for the mashgiach to see the gun in his belt holster.

The Mashgiach says "we'll talk later about the disturbing your employees....What's the gun for? Oh, I carry a lot of cash to the bank to deposit...... The Mashgiach says today is Sunday the banks are closed, you came to intimidate me with the gun "now get out of the kitchen & close the door behind you-don't come back till the affair is over.

The owner did as instructed, all of the employees dropped their working tools and knives & looked down at the floor...

The Mashgiach says "OK fellows today I'm the boss let's get to work everyone". The owner tried calling on the phone to the mashgiach to apologize to no avail. Ultimately the Brooklyn was forced by the mashgiach to remove their certification- Their regular mashgiach was not worth a red cent.

It had the same hashgocha as Morrell with a very unqualified mashgiach. Where does the Morrell mashgiach fit in?

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